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Complete guide to everything scooters, and a wealth of creative and challenging games!

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Scooters are a class favorite activity option that lend themselves to numerous different games and exercises. This book provides educators with extensive options when it comes to making scooters a central part of the lesson plan. Students will have tons of fun during these PE scooter games, while also developing social, emotional, cognitive, intellectual, and physical skills.

Numerous Game Options

The same old PE games can get boring for students if you’re unable to interject a little bit of variety into the mix. This book will show you how, using only scooters, you’ll be able to give your class a brand new way to have fun, without deviating too far from your original curriculum! From tag to dodgeball, relay races to cooperative activities, this book features more than 100 game variations that are all centered on scooters!

All 100+ games detailed within the text are split into categories that invite a different style of play into your PE class. Urge students to master individual exploration, cooperative exploration, tag activities, relay activities, team games, and interdisciplinary games. Each game type features objectives that align with your core curricula, so you can ensure students are growing cognitively while they’re having fun atop a scooter.


This book is divided into 2 parts, featuring 9 total chapters. Part I outlines the benefits of scooter play and how to set up lessons around scooters. Part II introduces a variety of scooter games and their rules and objectives. The book also features extensive appendices for quick reference.

  • Game Finder
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Part I. Off to a Good Start With Scooters
    • Chapter 1. Benefits and Background of Scooter Play
      • Physical Development
      • Social and Emotional Development
      • Cognitive Development
      • Play and Scooter Games
      • History of Scooter Boards
      • Summary
    • Chapter 2. Teaching Sportsmanship With Scooters
      • A Definition of Sportsmanship
      • Sportsmanship Curriculum
      • Summary
    • Chapter 3. Preparing to Play
      • Working With Scooters
      • Caring for Scooters
      • Safety With Scooters
      • Summary
  • Part II. Scooter Games
    • Chapter 4. Individual Exploration
    • Chapter 5. Cooperative Exploration
    • Chapter 6. Tag Activities
    • Chapter 7. Relay Activities
    • Chapter 8. Team Games
    • Chapter 9. Interdisciplinary Games
  • Appendix A: Recommended Resources and Links
  • Appendix B: Assessment Tools
  • Appendix C: Safety Tools
  • Appendix D: Sportsmanship Tools
  • Appendix E: Games Reproducibles
  • References
  • About the Author

Book is 208 pages.