Strategies for Inclusion: A Handbook for Physical Educators

Include children with disabilities in mainstream activities.


Teachers in need of assistance in planning for students with disabilities or students who act up in class will benefit from these proven methods for managing and improving behavior. Included are lesson plans for adapting activities and many other helpful tips to help teachers manage their classroom.

Teaching Students with Disabilities

This text provides you with all the tools and knowledge you will need to successfully include students with disabilities in your program. Included are 38 teaching units, a CD-ROM with printable forms, a new chapter on support personnel, and updated references and approaches to inclusion.

Case studies at the beginning of each chapter help preservice and in-service teachers relate the material to their classrooms. These studies help readers to better understand inclusion topics and the chapters’ approaches.


This book features 11 chapters with additional resources in the appendices.

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • How to Use This Book and CD-ROM
  • Part I Understanding Inclusion
    • Chapter 1 The Move to Include
      • A Historical Perspective Legislative Mandates Roles and Responsibilities of the General Physical Education Teacher
      • Roles and Responsibilities of the Adapted Physical Education Specialist
      • Effectiveness of Inclusion Summary
    • Chapter 2 Assessment: The Cornerstone of Effective Instruction
      • Features of Effective Assessment
      • Traditional Assessment Techniques
      • New Assessment Options
      • Alternative Assessment
      • Summary
    • Chapter 3 Exploring Individualized Education Plans
      • The Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
      • The IEP Process
      • Members of the Multidisciplinary Team and Their Roles
      • The Role of the Physical Educator in the IEP Process
      • Attending IEP Meetings
      • Computer-Generated IEPs
      • Incorporating Goals and Objectives Into the General Physical Education Class
      • Summary
    • Chapter 4 Managing Student Behavior
      • Strategizing to Avoid Behavioral Problems
      • Determining the Cause of Inappropriate Behavior
      • Intervention Strategies to Increase the Likelihood of Appropriate Behavior
      • Decreasing the Likelihood of Inappropriate Behavior
      • Summary
    • Chapter 5 Adapting Activities: A Universal Design for Learning
      • Theoretical Constructs Driving the Move to Adapt
      • Philosophy of Adapting Activities
      • Universal Design for Learning
      • Types of Adaptation
      • Adapting Activities
      • Summary
    • Chapter 6 Support Service: Making Inclusion a Reality
      • Peer Tutors
      • Paraeducators
      • Senior Citizens
      • Pre-Preparation College Students
      • Summary
    • Chapter 7 Creating an Atmosphere for Achievement
      • Understanding Disabilities
      • Facilitating Inclusion
      • Creating Leadership Opportunities
      • Supplementing Instruction
      • Summary
  • Part II Strategies for Inclusion
    • Chapter 8 Basic Skills
      • Balance
      • Jump Rope
      • Locomotor
      • Object Control
      • Parachute
    • Chapter 9 Sports Skills and Teamwork
      • Softball
      • Basketball
      • Soccer
      • Tennis
    • Chapter 10 Health and Fitness
      • Aerobics
      • Aquatics and Swimming
      • Weight Training
    • Chapter 11 Recreation and Life Skills
      • Backpacking and Hiking
      • Bowling
      • Fishing
      • Rock Climbing
      • Skating and In-Line Skating
  • Appendix A Disabilities in Kid Terms
  • Appendix B Disability Awareness Program
  • Appendix C Aquatic Skills Checklist
  • Appendix D Disability Sport Organizations
  • Appendix E Equipment Companies
  • Appendix F Additional Resources
  • Appendix G Directors of Special Education for U.S. States and Territories
  • Appendix H Parent Web Sites
  • Appendix I Inspirational Books About Role Models
  • Appendix J Adapted Physical Education National Standards
  • References
  • Index
  • About the Authors
  • CD-ROM User Instructions

Book is 224 pages.

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