Teaching Children Dance

Offers 31 ready-to-use lessons for teaching dance to elementary-aged students!


Teachers will appreciate this outstanding resource for presenting creative dance lessons. It includes chapters on teaching students with disabilities, and connecting dance with other disciplines.

Variety of Dances

This text lays out different dances for ages up to 5th grade, and also includes dances for inclusion for students with special needs. A CD contains a variety of PDFs that are helpful for teachers.

In all, the book features 31 dance experiences, divided into 12 activities. Every activity contains a thorough set of instructions to make teaching the units easier on teachers, with the included CD providing plenty of extra resources and support. Through these units, teachers can provide students with exciting opportunities to express themselves through dance and experience the joy of dancing with others. This leads to more creativity, positive social interactions, and excellent motor skill development.


This book features 9 chapters across 2 parts, focusing on different dances and activities.

  • Preface
    • How to Use the CD-ROM
  • Part I: A Framework for Teaching Children’s Dance
    • Chapter 1: Understanding the Importance of Teaching Children’s Dance
      • What is Children’s Dance?
      • Why Teach Children’s Dance?
      • What are the Benefits of Children’s Dance?
      • Applying the 21st-Century Skills to Teaching Dance
      • Meeting the Whole Child Through Dance
      • Linking the Physical Activity Guidelines to Dance
      • Summary
      • Questions for Reflection
    • Chapter 2: Presenting Essential Content for Children’s Dance
      • The Body
      • Space
      • Time
      • Force
      • Flow
      • Relationships
      • Dance Forms
      • Summary
      • Questions for Reflection
    • Chapter 3: Designing a Dance Program
      • Planning a Yearlong Dance Program
      • Planning a Dance Unit
      • Planning the Dance Lessons
      • Sample Unit and Lesson Outline
      • Interdisciplinary Connections
      • Summary
      • Questions for Reflection
    • Chapter 4: Creating a Dance Education Setting
      • Class Size
      • Equipment and Teaching Materials
      • Facilities
      • Class Frequency and Length
      • Community Characteristics
      • School Policies
      • Program Advocacy
      • Summary
      • Questions for Reflection
    • Chapter 5: Making Teaching Effective
      • Helping All Children Learn
      • Using Various Teaching Styles and Strategies
      • Motivating Learners
      • Establishing Protocols and Rules
      • Creating a Safe Learning Environment
      • Presenting Demonstrations
      • Providing Feedback
      • Engaging students in Performances
      • Observing and Responding to Dance
      • Summary
      • Questions for Reflection
    • Chapter 6: Assessing Children’s Learning in Dance
      • Assessment of Teaching Effectiveness
      • Teacher Assessment of Students
      • Peer Assessment
      • Student Self-Assessment
      • Assessment instructions
      • Summary
      • Questions for Reflection
    • Chapter 7: Including All Children in Dance
      • Knowing Your Students with Disabilities
      • Creating an Inclusive Environment
      • Implementing Inclusive Teaching Strategies
      • Inclusive Dances
      • Summary
      • Questions for Reflection
  • Part II: Learning Experiences for Children’s Dance
    • Chapter 8: Learning Experiences for Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade
      • Neighborhood Friendship Streamer Dance
      • Run, Hop, Jump, and Skip
      • The Playground
      • Ocean Waves and Swimmers
      • Spaghetti Dance
      • Balloon Dance
      • Percussion Instrument Dance
      • The Hungry Cat
      • Circus Dance
      • Connect the Spots
      • Frog Dance
    • Chapter 9: Learning Experiences for Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades
      • Dancing Homework Machine
      • Creative Square Dance
      • Action Words

Book is 216 pages.

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