Teaching Sport Concepts and Skills

A tactical sports training book that takes an innovative approach to introducing and teaching sport skills to elementary, middle, and high school students.


Teachers learn how to move from traditional to tactical games (invasion, target, fielding) for ages 7-18. A DVD includes sample videos that demonstrate each action. Teachers will find more than 330 unique lesson plans included with this book.

Tactical Approach

Take a tactical approach to teaching sport skills with the help of this book. Included are detailed lesson and unit plans, as well as a DVD-ROM that contains reproducibles and videos of sample lessons. Elementary lessons teach basic concepts and tactics, while lessons for middle and high school students delve more deeply into 12 sports. The book also includes a SHAPE America standards-linked Game Performance Assessment Instrument.


The book contains 21 chapters spread across 3 parts.

  • Introduction
  • Part I. Tactical Games Teaching
    • Chapter 1. Tactical Games Explanation and Review
    • Chapter 2. Principles of Games Teaching and Learning
    • Chapter 3. Preparing Students for a Tactical Games Approach
    • Chapter 4. Getting Started With Tactical Games Teaching
    • Chapter 5. Tactical Games Curriculum Model
    • Chapter 6. Assessing Outcomes
  • Part II. Lesson Plans for a Tactical Games Approach at the Elementary Level: Building Sport Foundations
    • Chapter 7. Invasion Games at the Elementary Level
    • Chapter 8. Net and Wall Games at the Elementary Level
    • Chapter 9. Striking and Fielding Games at the Elementary Level
    • Chapter 10. Target Games at the Elementary Level
  • Part III. Lesson Plans for Tactical Games Teaching at the Secondary Level: Developing Sport Performance
    • Chapter 11. Soccer
    • Chapter 12. Basketball
    • Chapter 13. Lacrosse
    • Chapter 14. Rugby
    • Chapter 15. Flag Football
    • Chapter 16. Volleyball
    • Chapter 17. Badminton
    • Chapter 18. Tennis
    • Chapter 19. Softball
    • Chapter 20. Cricket
    • Chapter 21. Golf
    • Chapter 22. Bowling
  • Final Thoughts
  • References
  • About the Author

Book is 672 pages.

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