Urban Physical Education


Tools for understanding and navigating the unique challenges of teaching PE in urban schools!

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Teaching physical education in urban settings can pose a challenge if you’re unable to engage your students or pique their interest. This text provides an overview of understanding urban classrooms, while also offering engaging and exciting activities that will get every student involved. Teaching tools also help you respond to behavioral problems, develop key motivators for your class, and enhance the effectiveness of your curriculum.

Recognize the Needs of Urban Classrooms

Culturally diverse classrooms demand activities that are applicable to every student. When it comes to engaging your students with activities they can get excited about, this book provides a comprehensive overview of how to achieve success. From the theories included in teaching diverse student bodies, to examples of games that meet the demands of urban students, this book is a complete guide that can be utilized in conjunction with any curricula.

Within these pages you’ll become acquainted with the different cultural expectations that come with diverse classrooms, as well as how to deal with different scenarios that may arise. This book also includes tips for working with English language learners, to assist you in bridging communication gaps that might hinder student growth. As Part 1 comes to a close, you’ll learn how to project yourself as an educator, to be seen as both an authority and a mentor.

Part 2 of this text features 39 activities that have proven successful in engaging students within diverse classrooms. From dances to fitness routines, urban golf to freestyle basketball and beyond, students will identify with these PE games and be more encouraged to involve themselves! Include these activities within your lesson planning for maximum effectiveness when teaching physical education in urban settings.


This book is split into 2 parts with 5 total chapters. Part 1 concerns recognizing the PE needs of urban students. Part 2 covers different activities that can be introduced to your urban PE class. The book also contains rubrics for measuring student success.

  • Activity Finder
  •  Preface
  •  Acknowledgments
  • Part One: Considerations for Physical Education Teachers in Urban Settings
    • Chapter 1. Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices
      • Practice 1: Recognize Cultural Characteristics Reflecting Race and Ethnicity
      • Practice 2: Become Acquainted with the Students’ Native Countries
      • Practice 3: Recognize Intercultural Differences in Gestures and Body Language
      • Practice 4: Address the Needs of English Language Learners
      • Practice 5: Use Nondiscriminatory Selection Techniques, International Skill Practice Formations, and Urban Ways to Start a Game
      • Practice 6: Enhance the Learning Environment with Themed Bulletin Boards and Greetings
      • Summary
    • Chapter 2. Urban Physical Education Teachers as Leaders
      • Examining One’s Teaching Demeanor
      • Responding to Life Skills Questions
      • Responding to Behaviors with PRIDE
      • Common Trigger Scenarios
      • Gangs in Urban Schools
      • Protocols for Teaching Large Classes
      • Summary
  • Part Two: Physical Education Activities for Urban Settings
    • Chapter 3. Culturally Diverse Activities and Challenges
      • African Bolo Ball
      • Egyptian Group Bowling
      • Fives
      • El Circulo Handball
      • Scottish Clock Golf
      • Chinese Soccer
      • Italian Fence or Palificata
      • Four Goals Futbal
      • Four-Team Rip Flag Challenge
      • Modified English Rounders
      • Finnish Baseball or Pesapallo
      • Modified German Fistball
      • Culturally Diverse Cooperative Challenges
      • Culturally Diverse Stretching and Exercise Challenges
      • Culturally Diverse Fitness Challenges
      • Culturally Diverse Race Challenges
      • Japanese Group Fitness Challenges
      • Japanese Team Rock, Paper, Scissors
    • Chapter 4. Physical Activities of Special Interest to Urban Settings
      • Freestyle Basketball Ball-Handling Skills
      • Street Basketball Tricks
      • Pickup Basketball
      • Hotshot Hoops
      • Urban Freestyle Soccer Skills
      • Urban Soccer
      • Urban Golf
      • Modified Ultimate Frisbee
      • Urban Workout
      • Inner-City Workout: Beat Down
      • Parkour
      • Ace, King, Queen, or Jack
      • One-Wall Handball
      • Ultimate Gaga
      • Blister
      • Square Four
      • Stickball
      • Three-Team Softball
      • Ultimate Keep Away
      • The Harlem Shake
      • Krumping
    • Chapter 5. Assessing Diversity Outcomes
      •  Sample Rubric 1: Preparing Physical Education Candidates to Teach in Diverse Settings
      •  Sample Rubric 2: Assessing Individual Interaction With a Partner or Peer
      •  Sample Rubric 3: Assessing a Student’s Group Interactive Skills
      •  Sample Rubric 4: Assessing the Extent to Which Objectives Have Been Achieved in a Class
  • Appendix
  • Bibliography
  • About the Authors

Book is 160 pages.