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PE Digital Library K-5
Sport First Aid
PE: Outside the Box
Everybody Move!
Athletic Taping and Bracing Book
Teaching Movement Education
50 Games for Going Green
Instructing Hatha Yoga
Steps to Success

Steps to Success

Rhythmic Activities and Dance
Fitness on the Ball Book
Weight Training
Bowling Fundamentals
Kettlebell Training
Teaching Lifetime Outdoor Pursuits
Teaching Cross-Country Skiing
Teaching Children Dance
Student-Designed Games
Lesson Plans for Creative Dance
Complete Guide to Sport Education
Teaching Fundamental Motor Skills
Schoolwide Physical Activity
Health for Life
Playing Fair
Heart Education
Conditioning Young Athletes Book
Dance Units for Middle School

Buy teacher resource books from Gopher Sport to equip staff and students with knowledge!

Gopher provides an extensive selection of teaching books for use by physical education teachers, coaches, and recreational program directors. Traditional textbooks, books with CDs, and online resources contain ideas and lesson plans to effectively teach students of all ages.

Texts with PE lesson plans map out a foundation for physical fitness, allowing educators to develop a curriculum that’s ideal for their students. Books focus on instruction ranging from early learners to high school with topics such as heart health and healthy eating. Books with an emphasis on classroom games, warm-up and cool-down activities, sports basics, and more offer students heart-pumping options to review and prepare for tests or competitions. For specific skill knowledge, Gopher provides instructors with several teacher resource books, providing in-depth information.

Buy resource books from Gopher Sport and be on your way to endless learning!