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Conditioning Young Athletes Book
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Eat Well & Keep Moving Book
The Sports Rules Book
Basic DPE Curriculum Supplies Package
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MyPlate Class Packs
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Fitness for Life: High School Book
UltraFit Medicine Ball Charts
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AHS Classroom Activities Cards
AHS Playground Activities Cards
Fitness on the Ball Book
FITstep Pedometer Training Charts
AHS Activities Card School Packs
UltraFit Yoga Charts
UltraFit Core Balance Disc Charts

Buy PE curriculum and equipment from Gopher Sport to get students moving and learning!

All-encompassing PE education lesson plans and resources easily guide teachers as they prepare for class. They can develop lessons that educate and entertain students while they learn important lifelong lessons about staying healthy.

Physical Education Curriculum

Use our comprehensive, standards-based lesson plans to emphasize skill and physical development in all students. Teachers will be able to save time while efficiently planning their curriculum for use during physical education classes.


From traditional textbooks to digital libraries, our vast assortment of resources covers a wide range of topics and skills that are useful for students, teachers, and coaches. They can use these books to learn about new sports rules or PE games, while also using this knowledge to effectively teach students during class.

Active & Healthy Schools Program

User-friendly materials with durable equipment and step-by-step instructions keep students moving and learning. Teachers can use this curriculum throughout the school day to guide students as they learn about the importance and lasting benefits of staying active and healthy.

Nutrition Curriculum

Equip educators with important nutritional data that aligns with national standards. This curriculum forms a well-rounded nutrition lesson plan to teach students about good and bad food choices when at school or at home.

Posters & Banners

Conveniently inform students at a glance about important rules, assessments, and movements needed to be successful during PE with large posters and banners. Instructors can hang these helpful teaching tools anywhere they are needed. They are great for use during class to remind or teach students how to perform certain movements and provide other useful information.

Before & After School Programs

Continue teaching valuable lessons to students of all ages during non-school hours. Teachers and program organizers can use this curriculum and equipment to promote activity at school, before or after classes, to keep students moving.

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