BOSU® Elite Balance Trainer

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The strongest, most stable BOSU® Trainer is a great addition to your fitness and balance training routine!

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The thickest and firmest BOSU® ball bladder yields a more stable dome made to withstand high-impact movements and weighted exercise. It’s so strong, it can support 400 pounds! The Power Zone provides a textured honeycomb-patterned surface, and the Power Line offers guidance for proper positioning of hands, feet, and more. This balance trainer has a reinforced, full nonskid and non-marking rubber base that adds even more stability.

Elite Construction

The high-density, firmer dome offers greater force production and high-intensity loading — you can push off it more and expect more to push back with less give. It has a reinforced base for platform-side exercises, which adds to its 16 lb. weight. Overall, this is the best, toughest, heaviest, and most durable balance trainer we offer.

A tactile non-slip honeycomb grip improves safety by creating traction and providing better guidance for body positioning.  The rubber black and gray design hides dirt and markings better over time.

Numerous Exercise Options

BOSU stands for “Both Sides Up,” as this product can be used with the dome side up and the base on the floor or vice versa. It functions as a balance board, plyo box, balance disc, and stability ball all in one.

The Weck Method, developed by the BOSU® inventor (David Weck), involves specialized training to enhance the body’s vertical and rotational movements, improving body mechanics, functional strength, and athletic balance. It teaches that “balance” is more than just “not falling down,” but rather, is about balancing both sides of the body, balancing strength and coordination, balancing power and efficiency, and balancing athletic movement with proper body alignment. This BOSU is used mostly for body weight movements, but can be used with kettlebells, medicine balls, or body bars for added challenges.

Better Balance

Easily increase or decrease the inflation of the dome to vary stability and add challenges. More air means less stability, while less air means more stability and a little less of a challenge.

The firmer dome spring loads feet for more responsive exercises and teaches balance through the balls of the feet while allowing full range of motion through the feet and ankles. Meanwhile, the Power Zone aligns the pelvis and spine for better positioning in movements, encouraging proper body positioning and control. This upgraded BOSU complements WeckMethod programing and is the most advanced BOSU we have to offer. Be sure to make use of the wall chart and workout DVDs for great ideas to improve balance and strength!

Includes pump, manual, and 4-in-1 DVD with 4 workouts. Trainer supports up to 300 lb and is 25" dia x 10"H; 17 lb.

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