BOSU® EZ-Reach Packs

Classwide BOSU® training is EZ with the best, most efficient storage rack! 


Make your balance training routine easier than ever with BOSU® Trainers and our one-of-a-kind BOSU® storage cart in convenient packs! Each cart features custom slots for up to 12 trainers and a shorter height for quick access and organized storage. Spend more time on training, less time on setup and takedown.

Easy Accessibility

We designed our EZ-Reach™ Cart with custom slots that store 12 BOSU® trainers horizontally for easy access. Unlike other carts that require trainers to be stacked on each other vertically, EZ-Reach™ gives each trainer its own individual slot across the width of the cart so multiple students can grab a trainer at once. This design eliminates "the stack", where trainers must be grabbed individually, which in turn creates a line of anxious students. It also eliminates trainers toppling over when one is picked off the pile, which causes a potential for damaged trainers or injured students. Finally, the horizontal design keeps trainers at a natural height so students of all ages can easily reach them. Each slot accommodates all BOSU trainers - from the smallest (Sport) to the largest (Elite & Pro).

A shorter cart height (just over 5 feet) also keeps trainers low and easy for students to quickly access them. No need to ask for assistance from a taller classmate or the teacher! 

All-Inclusive Training Solution

Forget about tracking down enough trainers for everyone, outfit the entire class with convenient EZ-Reach™ Packs! Each Pack includes 12 trainers and a cart.

Choose a pack based on the BOSU® Trainer that best suits your class: BOSU®, BOSU® Pro, or BOSU® Elite. The original is great for a variety of skill levels and exercises. Pro features a full-rubber base to keep the trainer in place during use and a thicker bladder for more vigorous routines. Finally the Elite, the newest and strongest in the BOSU® family, features a textured rubber surface with a Power Zone for proper positioning during workouts.

Durable and Portable

The cart's heavy-duty ABS plastic maintains its integrity, even under added weight and pressure. It won't crack, unlike PVC or lower-grade plastics and resists dings and signs of wear and tear. The ABS design also makes it easy to move as it’s lighter than steel.

The cart quickly rolls out of storage and around the gym thanks to its four smooth-rolling casters. They easily roll over thresholds and won't mar your floors. The cart is designed to fit through doorways so it can be transported from room to room.  Cart is 73"L x 16-1/4"W x 60-3/4"H; 30 lb.

BOSU® EZ-Reach™ Pack Options

BOSU® EZ-Reach™ Packs are available with 12 trainers (choose your trainer) and storage. Cart is also sold separately.

BOSU® EZ-Reach™ Packs

BOSU® EZ-Reach™ Cart Only

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