BOSU NexGen Pro Balance Trainer

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Upgrade to commercial-grade design and durability with a full-rubber bottom.

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This BOSU® trainer features a thicker, more durable bladder and beefier dual-overmolded platform. Its full nonskid rubber bottom provides a secure base that keeps the trainer in place, even during vigorous workouts.

Great Design

With an improved, commercial-grade design, this is an upgrade over the original BOSU.  It comes with a stronger, latex-free, burst-resistant material and features an 8 lb. bladder.

A solid base provides some stability while the dome top provides an inflated, unstable surface that forces users to engage their core and stabilizer muscles to maintain control of their movements.  It has been made to be extra strong and thick thanks to a non-skid, non-marring material for added stability and safety. Thanks to this outstanding durability, it can withstand the demands of repeated use in commercial environments like gyms, fitness clubs, schools, yoga studios, and physical therapy centers.

Exercise Options

BOSU® is a unique piece of exercise equipment that is designed for indoor settings, and stands for “Both Sides Up,” because the trainer can be used with the dome side up and the base on the floor or vice versa. Having the dome side up is great for single-leg balance exercises, as well as step-up exercises, planks, ab and core moves, push-ups with the feet or arms on the ball, and more. Using it with the platform side up is great for exercises like mountain climbers, push-ups, planks, plank shuffles and tilts, glute bridges, burpees, bent-over rows, squats, and lunges. It is used mostly for body weight exercises, but can also be used with light dumbbells, resistance tubing, or medicine balls for additional challenges.

Easy to Use

Users can easily inflate the dome to their desired level. Having higher air pressure provides less challenge than lower air pressure, which makes for more stability. Follow manufacturer's guidelines for inflation.  The rubber top with a tacky feel makes it easier to grip and safer for users.

Includes hand pump, manual, and BOSU® Integrated Balance Training Manual/DVD. Trainer supports up to 350 lb and is 25" dia x 12"H; 19 lb.

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