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Laminar Balance Disc

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Unique exercise balance disc features multi-chamber design to keep students steady while gradually introducing balance skills!

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The multi-chambered design of the Laminar Balance Disc restricts airflow more than a standard balance disc, allowing for better stability for younger students and beginners.

Great for Beginners

This is the best introductory balance disc we have to offer due in large part to the chambered design, which restricts air flow and slows down transfers from side to side. Such a design keeps students safer while slowly building muscles and instilling confidence, as disc movement isn't as jolted or sudden, and there is more reaction time available to adapt to the moving surface.

People going through rehabilitation for injuries can also benefit from this balance disc. It is perfect for ankle injuries and progressively bringing back a full range of motion to the joint.

Built to Last

Use this disc indoors on a flat surface in the gym, fitness center, or workout room. Made of a thick PVC, it is and durable enough to hold 330 pounds and capable of withstanding institutional use.

Also included on the disc is a grippy texture on the top and bottom. This ensures the disc will stay in place during use and that you will not slip off of it.

Easy to Use

The 15" dia disc is extremely easy to use. Simply inflate the disc to its desired firmness and start training—there’s no other assembly required! Adding and releasing air adjusts stability and allows you to customize for your own preferences. Less air means more stability, while more air means more instability. Additionally, the rainbow colors make it easy for teachers to organize their classes. Each disc supports up to 330 lb.

Laminar™ Balance Disc Options

Laminar™ Balance Discs are available in a Rainbow® Set of 6 or Individually in Blue.

  • Rainbow Set
  • Individual Blue
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