Simply Fit Board®

A fitness balance board with a fitness twist!


Designed for all ages, the Simply Fit Board® goes beyond balance training by providing a total-body workout. Users can stand on this fitness balance board and twist to increase heart rate and work the entire core, or strengthen the upper and lower body with push-ups, bridges, and more! Durable, flexible plastic construction with a textured surface. 

Instability Training

The uneven nature of this fitness balance board is the secret to its superior training capabilities! As students work to stabilize themselves atop a bard that’s constantly moving and shifting, they’ll train fast-twitch stabilizer muscles to react and perform. In addition, different exercises incorporate boards to train different muscle groups—for example, pushups for chest and arms, or squats for hamstrings and quadriceps.

Safe Design

Despite being purposefully unstable, boards offer superior safety features to help minimize accidents. A low center of gravity keeps students closer to the ground at all times, preventing tipping—instead, if pushed to one side boards will rest on the lip. Textured spots for feet and hands also minimize slipping and provide a stable grip no matter the workout.

Incredible Durability

Industrial strength plastic is designed to support up to 400 lb, on virtually any surface. Use these fitness balance boards indoors or out, on wood flooring, asphalt, concrete, carpet, and beyond. Boards are resistant to warping or waning, and won’t crack or split with heavy use. Students can even use boards in conjunction with weights, such as a kettlebell, without worrying about the integrity of the board.

Simply Fit Board® Options

Simply Fit Board® is available in a set or individually, in 5 colors available.

  • Complete Set. Includes 30 boards (6 ea color)
  • Individual Boards
    • Orange
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Red
    • Purple
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