UltraFit™ Core Balance Discs

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Institutional-quality balance discs, with superior support and traction.

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These large balance discs are designed with the utmost safety in mind with traction spikes and ultra-thick PVC construction.

Safe Design

Raised texture on each side of the discs adds extra traction, which prevents the discs from slipping on the ground and users from slipping off.

Thick, durable PVC construction enables this disc to withstand frequent use by large groups of users. As a result, you won't have to worry about replacing this disc for a long time.

Choose from one of two available sizes for this disc. The 13" diameter is great for smaller students or single-leg exercises, such as the lunge or single-leg squat. The 24" option, which is also the largest-diameter balance disc we offer, is more ideal for two-foot drills, such as full squats or bent-over rows.

Skill Development

Users with basic balance training will benefit the most from this disc, as it's meant to be a tool for skill development. It is extremely easy to use—all the user needs to do is inflate the disc to his or her desired firmness and begin training, with no other assembly required.

Light dumbbells and medicine balls can be added to exercises on the disc for increased difficulty and muscle development. When used without shoes, research shows that grip and sensory features help build nerve connections in the brain’s pathways, which leads to the ability to complete more complex tasks while building fine and gross motor skills. Difficulty can also be changed by adding or releasing air. Less air means greater stability, while more air means more instability.

The larger 24” diameter features a slightly more aggressive texture for added foot placement security when used with that side up, and can be flipped for a smoother surface to use when working on abdominal exercises.

Outstanding Versatility

Users with all levels of balance experience can benefit from these discs, whether they only have mastered the basics or have trained to become advanced athletes. Using these discs for exercises like squats and abdominal twists strengthens the deep core and stabilizes muscles to provide postural support.

These discs are also great for use in classroom settings for students to sit on in an effort to focus their minds on posture. Balance cushions are frequently used on chairs in schools to assist students who find it difficult to sit still, as it moves more than a stationary chair, which discourages fidgeting. Sitting on a balance cushion encourages active, dynamic sitting. Simply place the disc directly onto the chair to create a less stable sitting surface, which forces the body to make continual small movements to correct balance. These movements use (and strengthen) the deep core stability muscles, which provide better postural support to the body. The best way to use a stability cushion to improve core strength and posture is to simply sit on it for short periods, spread out during the day.

Sets of 6

  • 13-1/2" dia, Red
  • 24" dia, Blue

Individual Discs

  • 13-1/2" dia, Red
  • 24" dia, Blue
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