UltraFit™ Wobble Board

This unique balance board allows you to wobble your way to better balance and a stronger core!


Perform balance exercises standing or prone-position exercises on this durable 16" dia plastic board that pivots a full 360°. Who knew wobbling around could be so great for your core?

Fantastic Versatility

This board can be used for balancing with basic bodyweight movements. Simply balancing and standing on the balance board is surprisingly challenging and goes a long way toward improving overall body control. Users can also perform slow, controlled movements, such as tilting the board side to side and front to back without the edges of the board touching the floor.

Users who have suffered ankle or calf injuries can also use the board as a rehabilitation tool. Sit on a chair with the injured limb on the center of the board and attempt to move the board in a full circle. This brings back the range of motion in the ankle or calf after being in a brace or sling, where no movement has been allowed.

Reliable Durability

The base of the board has a small dome, which tilts and rocks to challenge balance and body control of the user. It has a durable hard plastic top with grooves that add better grip for students when in use. This texture will withstand routine use for a long period of time, and the neutral color will hide dirt from shoes. Use indoors for optimum performance and board longevity. The dome must be on a stable surface to create the rocking movement.

Easy Adjustability

The bottom dome piece is adjustable for each user’s preference. It pulls out, twists, and locks into 2 heights for an increased challenge as users develop their skills. Measures 16" dia x 2"H.

What is core training?
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