Body Bar® Fitness Bars

Classic fitness bars perfect for group exercises!


Designed for a group setting, these versatile bars are easy to grip and allow for an easy, proper introduction to weight training. Use for squats, curls, and more!

Versatile Workout Capabilities

Aerobic bars can be incorporated into just about any cardio workout or aerobic fitness activity for an extra depth of difficulty and results! Use them to turn every day, fundamental exercises into strengthening and toning activities, while also improving characteristics such as balance and stability. PE teachers across the country have found success in using a weighted toning bar to improve a variety of workouts including strength and conditioning, circuit and interval classes, kick boxing and martial arts, sports conditioning, balance and alignment, Pilates- and yoga-based workouts, and flexibility training!

Great Range of Weights

With 9 different weight tiers available, selecting the right level of resistance based on each individual student has never been easier. Weighted aerobics bars start at just 3 lb and go all the way up to 36 lb, allowing students to scale up or down based on their comfort level, capabilities, or the activity in question. Bars are also color-coded by weight to make selecting the right one quick and efficient.

Class Design

Each steel is durable and covered in a foam rubber. This covering provides a secure and comfortable grip, while remaining resistant to picking, tearing, and other damages that can occur during use or transportation. Each bar has a colored end ring, identifying the weight of each bar for quick selection.

Body Bar® Fitness Bar Options

Body Bar® Fitness Bars are available in Packs with storage and an instructional DVD or Individually. Truck delivery on packs.

  • Body Bar® Packs
    • Light (8 ea – 3, 6, 9 lb)
    • Medium (8 ea – 6, 9, 12 lb)
    • Heavy (8 ea – 12, 15, 18 lb)
    • Rack, 25”W x 39”H x 9”D
  • Individual Body Bars®
    • 3 lb
    • 6 lb
    • 9 lb
    • 12 lb
    • 15 lb
    • 18 lb
    • 24 lb
    • 30 lb
    • 36 lb
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