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Bridge the gap between fitness bars and weighted barbells with this aerobic barbell set, specially designed to offer students a friendly, safe way to familiarize themselves with weighted resistance training. Weights offer protection to both students and your facilities, and can be used in conjunction with bars or as standalone workout items. Convenient storage and an incredibly durable design makes them ideal for institutional settings.

Organized Racking System

With everything conveniently arranged on display for students to see, picking out aerobics bars and appropriately weighted plates is easy! Each weight has its own distinct color for easy identification and racks in descending order on the included storage system. Aerobics bars are also stored conveniently upright, making them instantly accessible to students when it comes to setup and cleanup.

Each Troy barbell strength training set comes designed around the needs of different groups. The 10-User Pack is compact and displays the weights on 2 sides, cutting down on the amount of space needed to house and access the barbells. The 20-User Pack offers an open-faced racking design that accommodates more students at once, preventing crowding and bottlenecks that can cut down on valuable class time.

Long Lasting, Durable Design

Rubber-coated, cast-iron plates offer a degree of durability and overall longevity that’s unmatched by other aerobic barbell sets, making this an ideal option for heavy institutional use settings. The rubber won’t crack, chip, or peel over time, and offers dual protection for the weights themselves, as well as your gym floors. Built-in grips serve to make handling plates easier for students, minimizing the risk of drops or slips.


  • Lightweight training bar is designed for light aerobic and training classes, and can be used to introduce beginners to strength movements as well.
  • Lighter weight barbell and plates allow user to get a full body work out by taking the major muscle groups to fatigue, while also increasing heart rate.
  • 1” dia barbells are smaller, lighter, and easier to grip than other options, making them ideal for aerobic movements.
  • Dual purpose plates can be loaded onto barbells or can be used as standalone pieces of equipment that are great for ab or single arm exercises.

Cardio Pump™ Pack Options

Cardio Pump™ Packs are available in 2 pack sizes. Truck delivery.

  • 10-User Pack. Includes 10 bars, 60 plates (20 ea 2-1/2, 5, 10 lb), 10 pr of spring bar collars, and 1 steel rack (39”W x 59”H x 27”D).
  • 20-User Pack. Doubles the bars, plates, and collars. Includes 1 steel rack (74”W x 53”H x 24”D).