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AssistPro™ Bodyweight Training Assistance System

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The most customizable assistance system allows users to perform full-range of motion on challenging bodyweight exercises.

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Achieve a full range of motion on pull-ups, dips, and push-ups with the most customizable pull-up trainer and assistance system available! Each system features heavy-duty nylon straps with unique, adjustable buckles and nonslip rubber anchor loops. Easily thread and secure a resistance band through buckles, fasten AssistPro™ to an anchored pull-up bar or dip station, and perform the proper exercise.

Unique System

A unique molded buckle system allows bands to be changed out as users progress in strength. The bands can be lengthened or shortened for different user heights and equipment. So whether you’re looking for a pull-up trainer, push-up trainer, or triceps trainer, AssistPro™ accommodates many moves!

Heavy-duty nylon straps ensure user safety at all times. Additional strength is provided by a number of non-slip rubber connection points. The system attaches to the bars with these rubber loops, which in turn grip to the bar, ensuring further longevity for the nylon strap. For use with resistance bands up to 2-1/2"W.

Progress in Training

With the help of this system, all users will be able to accomplish pull-ups, dips, and push-ups with the correct form and range of motion. When used in conjunction with our Beast™ Bands, users will be able to build strength in these exercises and progress to a point where they’re performing these movements on their own. Overall, this system provides a far better and safer solution than looping bands straight to the bar or user.

AssistPro™ Bodyweight Training Assistance System Options

AssistPro™ Bodyweight Training Assistance Systems are available in 5 options.

  • Complete System
  • AssistPro™ Pull-Up (1 strap, 1 foot harness)
  • AssistPro™ Double Pull-Up (2 straps, 1 large foot pad)
  • AssistPro™ Push-Up (1 strap, 1 body harness)
  • AssistPro™ Dip (2 straps)


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