Deluxe Maple Peg-Board Climbers

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A climbing and strength challenge for all ages.

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Introduce wall-climbing exercises in your gym! Sturdy, laminated, kiln-dried hard maple fitness peg boards have a bright, nonporous finish and are built for a long life. Mount them to any strong wall for a fantastic challenge.

Upper-Body Training

These climbers are simple yet dynamic pieces of equipment that mount to the wall for compact use. While similar to chin ups, pull-ups or rock climbing, pegboard workouts are different in that they allow users to work with their upper-body and back muscles in a more personalized way. Each person will develop their own technique or strength when using a pegboard.

Users grab on to pegs and insert them into holes on the board, attempting to climb or scale the board up and then back down. This isolates the upper body and core, with a specific focus on the shoulders for moving the pegs and the forearms for holding the body.

Maple Wood

The pegs and board are made of a hard maple with a smooth, non-porous finish to ensure no slivers during use. They can be mounted vertically for a climb up, or horizontally for a climb across, each of which poses its own challenges. The larger 38-hold board offers more of a challenge than the introductory 30-hold board.

Deluxe Maple Peg-Board Climber Options

Deluxe Maple Peg-Board Climbers are available in 3 options with mounting hardware and 2 pegs. Additional pegs also sold separately.

  • Peg Sets
    • 38-Hole, 12”W x 72”H x 1.5” thick
    • 30-Hole, 6”W x 72”H x 1.5” thick
  • Accessories
    • Extra Pegs, 6.4”L x 1-1/8” dia