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IronRange™ Expandable Pull-Up Bar System

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Wall-mounted pull-up bar is 30" from the wall allowing more space for dynamic movements.

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Extra space between users and the wall makes these pull-up bars perfect for large-range exercises, including kipping and suspension training. Get the best grip on the bar thanks to a zinc coating. Each heavy-duty station supports up to 500 lb, accommodating many users. 

Wall Mounting

Because the bar is mounted 30” away from the wall, users have enough space to perform larger, more dynamic movements. This includes kipping movements and work with suspension trainers or rings, in addition to the standard pull-ups and curl-up work. Many other bars only sit 12” away from the wall, severely limiting the types of exercises a user can perform. If you need additional units to accommodate more users, additional stations are available.

Durable Construction

Durable powder-coated steel resists nicks and paint chips, helping keep the bars looking great for years to come. Zinc coating provides an extra-tacky grip for users, which helps them stay on the bar and avoid having their hands slip off.

Grip and Go

Simply grip the easy-to-use bar with your palms out toward the wall and pull yourself up. When using a narrow grip, your hands should be even with the shoulders. If you’re using a wider grip, move the hands out. You can also switch hands to face your body for a curl-up option to focus on biceps.

Anchoring and mounting hardware is not included due to varying surfaces. Please see the following recommendations:

  • When bolting to concrete, use a concrete anchor bolt at least 2-1/2”L x 1/2” dia.
  • When bolting to wooden studs, use a lag screw at least 2-1/2"L x 1/2” dia. 
  • For any unit that requires installation to the wall or floors, we highly recommend using a licensed contractor for installation.

IronRange™ Expandable Pull-Up Bar System Options

IronRange™ Expandable Pull-Up Bar Systems are available in 2 options.

  • Single Station (2 Brackets & Pull-up Bar)
  • Additional Station (1 Bracket & Pull-up Bar)