UltraFit™ Evolve™ Pull-Up Bar System

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The compact pull-up system that evolves to any length!

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Whether you want one pull-up station or 20, you can customize this system to fit your needs. Add as many as your wall can handle! Start with a single station and attach as many additional stations as you need. The unique bracket design for this expandable pull-up bar makes it quick and easy to add on and accommodate multiple users.

Easy to Expand

If you find yourself in need of more pull-up space, you can easily expand your system. Buy one unit to start with, and add on whenever additional stations are needed. This allows more users than ever to simultaneously work on pull-ups, curl-ups, abdominal and core work, or exercises with resistance tubing or TRX type suspension trainers.

Built to Last

A powder-coated finish on the steel keeps the bar looking great for years to come so your gym always looks professional. It resists all nicks and paint chips! The bar extends 12” from the wall, a safe distance for all users as they exercise.

Pull-Up Exercises

At the beginning of your pull-up exercises, grip the bar with your palms facing toward the wall and pull yourself up. When performing narrow grip exercises, your hands should be about shoulder width apart. Wide grip exercises require your hands to be slightly wider. Switch your hands to face you when performing curl-up exercises for your biceps.

UltraFit™ Evolve™ Pull-Up Bar System Options

UltraFit™ Evolve™ Pull-Up Bar Systems are available in 2 options.

  • Single Station (2 Brackets & Pull-up Bar)
  • Additional Station (1 Bracket & Pull-up Bar)


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