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The Column Training Station

Starting at $159.00

The versatility of a full weightlifting station in a one, compact post.

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Complete dozens of bodyweight and functional movements using the 7 different attachments without taking up significant floor space. Permanently attach the 9’H column and dip station to the floor and wall, and start doing pull-ups, medicine ball work, conditioning rope training, dips, plyometrics, and more!

Compact Unit

Make the most out of a small space with the Column! This small, compact unit is compatible with a multitude of accessories that would normally only be accessible with a pull-up rig. Seven attachments allow for a wide range of movements, including step ups, wall balls, pull-ups, dips, heavy bag work, conditioning rope work, and landmine work for use with barbells. There’s no limit to what this equipment can provide in a small space! No other application has this many options for movements, training, and attachments.

Quality Design

Featuring an 11-gauge powder-coated steel, The Column is built to last for years to come, avoiding nicks and paint chips. Its laser cut number system makes adjusting attachments quick and easy. Simply insert attachments at the same number. All attachments lock securely into the column with quick-release pins, making them both safe and reliable.

Anchoring and mounting hardware is not included due to varying surfaces. Please see the following recommendations:

  • When bolting to concrete, use a concrete anchor bolt at least 2-1/2”L x 1/2” dia.
  • When bolting to wooden studs, use a lag screw at least 2-1/2"L x 1/2” dia.
  • For any unit that requires installation to the wall or floors, we highly recommend using a licensed contractor for installation.