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Buy boxing equipment with confidence from Gopher Sport!

For PE teachers and coaches teaching boxing, Gopher packs a punch with boxing gear for students and athletes of all ages and ability levels, ideal in the ring or during practice.

Bags and gloves shield athletes from injury while improving coordination and technique. Gopher products and accessories for boxing maintain a supreme standard, hit after hit, for boxers in all stages of training. Circuit training packs combine progress and organized team building opportunities for large groups such as students in PE programs. Clear instruction and implementation promote fun fitness growth for heart-pumping station work that is easy for coaches to adapt and track for grading or health data.

Whether looking for bags that are suspended, supported with a base, or paired to form a set, Gopher gear withstands repetitive jabs and uppercuts, ideal for boxing classes and team sports. Shop for boxing gear from Gopher and give your classes and teams tough equipment for strong performance!

Gopher - Unconditional 100% Satisfaction Guarantee