Cardio Bags

Ultimate total-body workout blends self-defense, coordination, and boxing.


These freestanding bags are tailored to meet an introductory cardio boxing workout to serious boxing and martial arts regimens. Bags feature a compressed-foam core, a 16 oz vinyl shell, and a flexible poly base. 

Easy to Use

Each of these bags stands on the floor, which means there’s no need to hang or anchor these heavy bags! All you need to do is position it in your preferred location, fill the base if additional stability is desired, and begin! A compact, round base keeps it in position and is easy to lift and roll away for storage.  

Great Practice Tool

Cardio bags are a fun and unique way to train with items other than the standard gym equipment students are used to. They can train and develop their core muscles while enhancing coordination, endurance, and flexibility that will then transfer over into other areas of fitness and sports. A large striking surface makes it easier to land blows for all users, especially compared to smaller speed bags.

Two Options

Choose from 2 free-standing bags:

  • Wavemaster® is for more entry-level users and users looking for a cardio kickboxing workout. It adjusts to 4 heights (53” to 65”H), allows punches, jabs, and kicks, and weighs up to 170 lb when the 24” dia base is filled with sand or water for stability.
  • Wavemaster® Super X™ Combo is ideal for boxing and martial arts training. It adjusts to 8 heights (47” to 68”H), features 7 scoring zones, and weighs 270 lb when the 36” dia base is filled with sand or water. Includes vinyl cloves and instructional DVD.

Cardio Bag Options

Cardio Bags are available in 2 models.

  • Wavemaster Super X™
  • Wavemaster II™
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