Training Bags

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Ultimate total-body workout blends self-defense, coordination, and boxing.

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These freestanding bags are tailored to meet an introductory cardio boxing workout to serious boxing and martial arts regimens. Bags feature a compressed-foam core, a 16 oz vinyl shell, and a flexible poly base.

Training bags develop key striking and sparring movements, while building core strength, coordination, endurance, and flexibility that will then transfer over into other areas of fitness, sports, and day-to-day tasks. A large striking surface on each makes it easier to land blows for all users, especially compared to smaller speed bags.

Each of these freestanding training bags eliminates the need to hang or anchor them! All you need to do is position each in your preferred location, fill the base (if required), and begin training. Round bases keep each in position and make it easy to transport each to and from storage. Choose from multiple options:

Wavemaster Bags

  • Kid Kick adjusts from 37”-52”H for younger users and has a tip-and-roll design for easy transport. 22" dia; 70 lb.
  • Wavemaster adjusts to 4 heights (53”-65”H). 24" dia; 170 lb.
  • Super X Combo adjusts to 8 heights (47”-68”H), features 7 scoring zones, and comes with vinyl gloves and DVD. 36" dia; 270 lb.

Fill bases with water or sand to keep bags in place.

Versys Bags

  • V.SPAR.1 is designed for younger users and includes a prefilled base. 11" dia x 48"H; 40 lb.
  • VS.1 has the same features as V.SPAR.1 but is wider and taller for adults. 14" dia x 66"H; 110 lb.

Both bags are designed for more intense training as they quickly rebound from punches or kicks. High-impact foam is covered with durable vinyl.