Cardio Kids™ Elementary Complete Circuit

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Specially designed, commercial-grade machines provide children ages 6-10 with a safe, effective workout.

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Introduce students to Cardio Kids™ fitness equipment and help them develop a healthy enthusiasm for working out, one machine at a time! As they get acclimated with each machine they’ll quickly see how their health is positively impacted, and will feel more comfortable delving deeper into the world of fitness. Choose from a complete 6-machine circuit or individual machines, designed specifically for younger students and institutional settings.

A Great Cardio Introduction

A positive outlook toward cardio health starts early thanks to each of these essential pieces of elementary school fitness equipment. Students will learn the foremost importance of developing good exercise habits from a young age, while also becoming acclimated with equipment to help cement their comfort in maintaining workout habits into the future.

Each machine features a scaled-back design of common equipment found in any gym or workout facility to accommodate younger users. Age-appropriate equipment with brighter colors and smaller sizing makes them more inviting and less complicated than full-sized counterparts.

As they get familiar with each machine and begin to set and achieve fitness goals, students will realize that they feel better, inside and out! Youth involvement in training—specifically in cardio and strength training—helps build self-esteem, promotes healthy hearts, boosts the metabolism, strengthens bones, and lays the foundation for lifelong healthy and active lifestyles.

Institutional Durability

In the face of beginner use and under the duress of heavy institutional demands, each piece of elementary school fitness equipment in this set is specifically designed to showcase supreme resilience. They’re built with heavy-duty powder-coated steel frames, commercial components, and high-quality sealed bearings for seamless functionality at all times. A one-time investment in superior equipment spells success for year after year of new students, as well as annual PE budgets!


  • Stepper: Built tough for heavy usage. Designed with an almost infinite adjustability for tension and speed control. Features adjustable shock settings, kid-friendly computer (reads distance, time, calories, speed), and industrial grips.
  • Recumbent Bike: Includes kid-friendly computer (time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse monitor), portable wheel system, and padded back support. Seat adjusts to fit the height of various users. 10 levels based on the computer programming for user to adjust. Unit includes wheels for easier portability and ships fully assembled.
  • Rower: Duplicates the exciting feel of Olympic rowing. The smooth, rhythmic, impact-free motion makes it easy and fun for children to work all the major muscle groups through a very wide range of motion, thus enabling them to increase and maintain flexibility! Specially designed onboard computer which prompts students to acknowledge their calories, heart rate, speed, time and distance. Rower seat is equipped with back brace to promote good rowing form.
  • Moonwalker: While teaching balance and coordination, it helps to maintain a child's heart rate when used in a cardiovascular circuit. Its simple, tension-free motion captivates children of all ages. Features non-skid rubber feet grips, upholstered padding, commercial padded hand grips.
  • Treadmill: A 3.0 horse power motor combined with steel reinforced running frame provides facility operators the ability to work with children up to 300 lbs. This unit comes with all the bells and whistles to help motivate children to be active and fit. Safety side handrails and a children's computer readout are standard. Includes emergency cut-offs for safety. This is specifically sized for children, and recommended for walking. Speed range of .5 - 3.5 mph.
  • Elliptical: Works the entire body and has been carefully designed to supply more balance for fast-growing bodies. Motivation is easy thanks to electronics that include calories, heart rate, speed, time and distance. Optimal for a 12-14" stride length, with slow to fast rhythmic gliding options. Users can isolate lower-body and position hands over pulse sensors for non-impact conditioning. Offers the ability to reverse stride, activating different muscle groups, with perceived exertion being lower.

Cardio Kids™ Elementary Complete Circuit Options

Cardio Kids™ Elementary Complete Circuit is available in complete sets or as individual machines. Truck delivery on all machines.

  • Complete 6-Machine Circuit
  • Individual Machines
    • Stepper, 30”L x 18”W x 48”H; 65 lb
    • Recumbent Bike, 40”L x 76”W x 45”H; 90 lb
    • Rower, 75”L x 24”W x 25”H; 90 lb
    • Moonwalker, 36”L x 33”W x 45”H; 100 lb
    • Treadmill, 82”L x 34”W x 49”H; 215 lb
    • Elliptical, 54”L x 35”W x 54”H; 174 lb
Why incorporate youth strength training into my fitness program?