Concept2® Model D Rower

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The most popular rower on the market!

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Used by Olympic athletes to build strength and cardio stamina, its straightforward design and great accommodations make the Concept2® rowing machine the most popular option on the market. Give your students a highly beneficial workout with a machine that’s easy to use, comfortable to work on, and easily transported and adjusted to your workout area!

Strength and Cardio, In One

Rowing has the distinct advantage of being a dual-threat workout, building muscle strength and cardiovascular wellness at the same time. Simply brace your feet and learn forward, pulling the ripcord handle to your chest as you push back with your feet. The pulling motion of your upper body and pushing motion of your lower body requires strength in both the legs and torso, while the full movement requires the increased cardio output of your lungs and heart to complete. It’s a total body workout in a single machine!

Intuitive Design

The design of this Concept2® Model D Rower offers supreme convenience to the user. Wheels on the frame allow the entire thing to be quickly tipped up and maneuvered to a workout area, or tipped up entirely for compact storage when not in use. It’s ideal for facilities without dedicated space and makes setup minimal, conserving time and energy for the workout.

Rubber-coated handles support users by offering an ergonomic, secure grip when pulling the ripcord, even when hands are sweaty. As the pulling motion is made and the seat of the machine is pushed back, top-grade rollers and chrome-plated steel rails offer a smooth, fluent glide that encourages proper form and less shock for users.

The unit console is powered by 2 D-cell batteries.

Truck delivery on rower.