Concept2® Model E Rowing Machine

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Same great functionality and fluidity of the Model D, but with a higher seat and frame for easier access.

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A great introduction to rowing, the Concept2® Model E builds on the reliability of previous models, while modifying design elements to be more welcoming to beginner rowers. Higher seating makes it easier to perfect technique, while a smooth-gliding seat and safety-conscious handlebar promote comfort during workouts. 

Teach Rowing Effectively

Rowing works to build muscle strength and cardio endurance in one single workout, offering a zero-impact alternative to many workouts that involve running or weightlifting. The Concept2® Model E Rowing Machine effectively teaches rowing to new users and gets them up to speed on this highly beneficial exercise. Thanks to its high-seated design, going through the motions is simple:

  • The catch or start position starts with a user’s legs compressed, the triceps working to extend arms, and the flexor muscles of hands to grip handle. Ab muscles are engaged to keep the user upright.
  • Initiate drive phase with a powerful push of the legs through the heel pads. All of the shoulder muscles contract, while biceps engage to pull the handle toward the abdomen and back muscles work to finish the pull as you move through the phase.
  • At the finish, the abdominals stabilize the body, while the glutes and quads contract. The biceps and many of the back muscles also contract to help keep the torso in the finish position and to internally rotate the upper arms.
  • During the recovery or return phase, triceps engage again to push arms forward, while hamstrings and calves contract as users slide up to the catch position again.

In addition to offering a simple way to teach the physical stages of rowing, this machine also includes a console that offers quantifiable data during workouts, to help perfect form and technique in real time. The console will display distance, speed, pace, calories, and watts generated, which can be stored on a removable LogCard for further analysis later. Motivating games are also programmed in to help push users to their goals and beyond. The console is powered by 2 D-cell batteries.

Highly Accommodating Design

The Concept2® Model E differs from the Concept2® Model D Rower and others like it in its design. This model sits higher than other rowers on the market, making it easier for younger students and those with mobility concerns to climb on and off. Lofted seating also makes it easier to transition between the different stages of a complete row, facilitating better technique for those learning.

A rubber coated handle makes gripping and handling the ripcord easier during even the most intense workouts. Users will enjoy a better grip, which is safer and allows for more purposeful movements to be made without fear of slipping. Top-grade rollers and chrome-plated steel rails for the seat also facilitate a smooth, fluent drive phase that channels more power into the workout and offers less resistance to users.

Setting up the machine takes mere moments compared to heavier, bulkier options. The front features wheels that allow it to be tipped up and rolled around for easy movement and positioning. Or, if your workout space needs to be cleared after you’re done, it can be tipped up for storage against walls or in corners. Truck delivery.