Concept2® SkiErg Exercise Ski Machine

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Nordic ski machine replicates the intense strength and endurance workout of Nordic skiing in the comfort of a fitness center or gym!

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Build your muscle strength and work on cardio endurance at the same time with this Concept2® ski machine! A single machine can replace multiple other pieces of equipment and shave time off your workout, without compromising results. It’s built to take abuse and still function flawlessly, and can be used as a wall-mount or freestanding when paired with a floor stand.

Low-Impact Training

For fitness junkies looking for a new challenge that provides results, rowing is the answer and the Concept2® SkiErg is an ideal option for your workout! Rowing is already a low-impact form of exercising, however this machine takes it down to a near-zero level. It’s easy on all joints, and even easier on knees and ankles than a traditional sit-down rower. This is great for athletes with lower leg injuries or those with lower body injuries. Train your upper body and core at a pace and resistance that’s right for you.

To ensure your workout is as comfortable as possible, this machine provides a rubber-coated pulldown handle that offers an ergonomic grip. It’s friendly in the hand and prevents slipping or gripping troubles that can occur when hands become sweaty.

Built to Last

Because it accommodates such a wide range of users, this Concept2® ski machine also puts a great emphasis on durability. Its powder-coated aluminum frame will withstand the normal wear and tear of consistent use in a wide variety of settings, including schools, fitness centers, crossfit gyms, and more.

The electronics will last as long as the mechanics, as well! If the console begins to waver over time, just drop in 2 fresh D-cell batteries to bring it back to life, to continuing aiding users in their training.

Two Setup Options

Our only SkiErg comes with 2 distinctive setup options that help it to conform to your space restrictions. Individual units can be mounted to any wall for a low-profile approach to rowing. This option takes up less room than sit-down units and requires minimal space to effectively use.

Floor Stands are also available for a freestanding setup, which can be positioned anywhere away from the wall that your space deems appropriate. This option can also be moved into and out of storage as necessary, making it great for facilities without a dedicated fitness space.

Concept2® SkiErg Exercise Ski Machine Options

Concept2® SkiErg Exercise Ski Machines are available individually, with floor stands sold separately. Truck delivery.

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