Endorphin® Hand Cycle

Heavy-duty, two-way hand cycle exercise machine is wheelchair-accessible.


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Utilize a hand cycle exercise machine to build cardio strength in a low-impact, self-paced way! Great for rehabilitation and applicable across virtually any user, a versatile design makes this ergometer non-intimidating and highly useful. Our only hand cycle and one of the best available on the market today, its feature-rich design gives you all of the bells and whistles you need to measure progress!

Strength and Cardio in One

Used mainly as a rehabilitation tool, users are able to work their upper body after an injury to the lower body, or add foot pedals to work the lower body following an injury to the upper body. This dual approach to training accommodates to all exercisers, regardless of physical limitations. In addition, the low impact cycling motion is much easier on the joints compared to other forms of cardio, making it an ideal workout for any degree of training.

For users looking to build strength through a predominately cardio workout, this machine makes it easy. The full cycling movement features applied resistance from the machine, which builds muscular strength through the increased cardio output of the lungs and heart. Take it slow to rebuild the strength of previously injured muscle groups, or hammer down as you train to build increased endurance!

Versatile Design

Unlike other ergometers and hand cycle exercise machines that offer a “bare-bones” construction to save space, this consolidated option offers all the trimmings to improve the user experience and safety. Among the aesthetic features, a full cover design eliminates flywheel pinch points, protecting user hands and feet from bumping.

Multi-use positioning accommodates different users and situations, to help train both upper and lower body muscles. Choose from hand cycle alone, which can sit on a table or desk, or add the platform to quickly mount the unit for easy height adjustments. Foot pedals can be added for a full-body workout or to focus solely on lower body training. The crank arm on the e-resistance system can be adjusted from 36" to 50" from the floor, making it accessible to varying user heights, even supporting those confined to a wheelchair.

Superior Features

This ergometer utilizes a magnetic belt drive to provide smooth, frictionless resistance in its forward and reverse rotations. This means quieter, less-intimidating operation and a flywheel that turns seamlessly at all times, to promote the most consistent results for users.

An electric monitor displays all of the essential data you need to gauge your results during and after sessions on this hand cycle exercise machine. View pulse, time, distance, calories, and speed at a glance to measure your progress and to see if you’re hitting your goals.

Endorphin® Hand Cycle Options

Endorphin® Hand Cycles are available individually. Platforms and pedals sold separately.

  • Hand Cycle (26-1/2”L x 16-1/2”W x 24-1/2”H; 60 lb)
  • Cycle Platform (33”-44”H)
  • Foot Pedals
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