GymWipes® Class Packs

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The most convenient way to keep your facility and equipment clean!

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Teach students the importance of leaving behind a clean area and ensure your facilities are always left in pristine, sanitary condition. A gym wipes dispenser offers a cost-effective, lasting solution to sanitization, and portrays an appealing, professional-looking standard for cleanliness. Three gym wipes dispensers and refills are available to meet your specific need!

Economical Solution to Cleanliness

Stocking numerous bottles of abrasive cleaning solution, high-maintenance towels, and a bevy of other cleaning supplies is neither a cost-effective nor an efficient way to clean your facilities. A gym wipes dispenser and refills is a more practical and affordable solution to cleaning, and can help you accomplish the task in a faction of the time! All students need to do when they’re done using equipment is “swipe and wipe” to leave their station clean for the next person!

Because each gym wipes dispenser is stationary, teaching students to wipe down their equipment after they’re done becomes routine, leading to both efficient cleanup and a sense of sanitary standards for students. This emphasis on cleanliness will translate over into other thought processes as well, including properly caring for equipment and understanding the passing of germs and bacteria.

Multiple Options

  • Non-alcohol Advantage™ (8"L x 9"W) wipes clean dirt, sweat, and body oils from equipment surfaces and neutralize odors.
  • Antibacterial, non-alcohol Force™ (8"L x 6"W) disinfectant wipes are double thick and EPA-registered to kill 99.9% of surface germs and 46 major pathogens, including MRSA.
  • Economical, non-alcohol MegaRoll™ (8”L x 8”W) wipes are biodegradable and eliminate 99.9% of common germs on all surfaces.
  • Basic Packs provide a quick and convenient, wall-mounted dispenser that’s easily installed virtually anywhere, without being intrusive.
  • Deluxe Packs provide a more complete, closed-loop setup, featuring an enclosed dispenser and built-in waste receptacle for discarding used wipes.


  • Eliminate the “yuck” factor by protecting students from bacteria and ensuring the longevity of equipment by keeping it clean.
  • Swipe pre-moistened wipe over surfaces quickly and throw them away; no spray bottles or towels required!
  • Soft texture is non-irritating, non-toxic, and non-abrasive. These are alcohol-, bleach-, and phenol-free wipes.
  • Wipes are specially formulated to remove sweat and grime conveniently, without harming surfaces. They’re great for seat pads, leg and arm rests, benches, hand grips, chrome plating, painted surfaces, steel and rubber surfaces, and electronic panels. Nearly any surface can be safely wiped down!

GymWipes® Class Pack Options

GymWipes® Class Packs are available in 2 packs, with dispensers and accessories sold separately.

  • Wipe Type
    • MegaRoll™
    • Advantage™
    • Force™
  • Pack Type
    • Basic. Include 1 wipe bucket, 1 wipe refill, and wall dispenser.
    • Deluxe. Include 1 wipe bucket, 1 wipe refill, and stainless steel dispenser w/ built-in waste receptacle.
  • Dispensers and Accessories
    • Wall Dispenser, 13”H x 10” dia, 5 lb
    • Stainless Steel Dispenser, 36”H x 13-1/2” dia, 30 lb
    • Guardian Steel Dispenser, 17”L x 15”W x 62”H, 40 lb
    • Stage2™ Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Refill, Pack of 4