Kettler® Coach™ M Rower

Light-institutional rower that delivers a total body strength and cardio workout!


An ideal solution to institutional rowing and light workouts by fitness-minded individuals, the Kettler® Coach™ M Rower offers several superb features, with a simple, affordable construction. Users can put their best efforts into the machine and know they’re getting superior returns on muscle strengthening and cardio endurance thanks to its smooth operation and data-ready design.

Built to Last

Because it’s designed to be an entry-level, institutionally-minded rowing machine, this piece of equipment withstands light wear and tear. It’s built to last for years without compromising on performance or quality, giving fitness centers, educational programs, and other fitness-oriented venues peace of mind in their investment. The driver behind its longevity is a sturdy, high-carbon, powder-coated steel frame that easily bears the burden of new rowers and fitness-minded individuals alike.

The machine easily stores while not in use, keeping it protected after the workout is over. It can be tipped up and safely positioned within a storage closet or off in a corner out of the way to ensure it’s not subject to undue damages.

Premium Design Features

Though an entry-level model in its design, the Kettler® Coach™ M indoor rower includes all of the features you’d find on higher-end models! Above all else it enjoys a magnetic brake system that offers infinite degrees of variable resistance, making it smooth and accommodating for all users, regardless of proficiency on the machine.

A comfortable, supportive, padded seat sets the tone for a lengthy workout the moment users sit down to begin their workout. As they grip the ripcord, saddle up, and start rowing, users will be treated to the smoothness of high-grade rollers and chrome-plated steel rails, which facilitate an extremely smooth slide. All of this culminates in a rowing workout that’s comfortable and fluid, helping users channel energy into the exercise for better returns.

In front of them, users will enjoy a convenient LED console that showcases all of the quantifiable data from the current workout, including time, strokes, calories, distance, and pulse rate (ear-clip sensor included), for greater insight to workouts. Truck delivery.

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