Kettler® Ergo Coach E Rower

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Rower with the perfect blend of ergonomics, mechanics, and electronics.

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Kettler® Coach rowing machines are known for their superb focus on mechanics and electronics. The indoor rower model adds an ergonomic aspect to the mix via a combination of high-end design features, giving rowers a complete rowing experience that’s comfortable, accommodating, and effective. Our most advanced rower is ideal for consistent use by experienced individuals.

Advanced Mechanics

The effectiveness of a rowing machine’s mechanics has a direct impact on the effectiveness of a user’s workouts. A highly streamlined, exceptionally tailored mechanical system, the Kettler® Ergo Coach™ Rower is at the top of its class as the most advanced rower we offer, thanks supremely in part to its advanced mechanical design.

An Induktions Brake System™ provides a wide resistance range, from 25 to 500 watts, with no friction or wear to brake system components. This fluid design accommodates a wide range of users and offers minimal energy waste with each successful repetition, channeling each motion into a maximized return on effort for the user.

Top-grade rollers and chrome-plated steel rails provide smooth performance and fluent glide as users push back during their rowing motion. The seamlessness of this system again works to maximize the workout by minimizing unwanted resistance. It also helps to encourage proper form and finesse in each repetition.

Superior Features

As users take their place upon the padded seat and grip the ergonomic handles of this rowing machine, they’re presented with its LCD console. This console displays important data for users to watch as they’re completing repetitions, to help them better their form and achieve their goals. The onboard system monitors time, strokes, calories, distance, and pulse rate (ear-clip sensor included), for greater insight to workouts.

Excellent Durability

In the face of expected commercial use and heavy institutional wear, Kettler® rowers offer superb resilience. Made with sturdy, high-carbon, powder-coated steel, this machine is ready to tackle your most intense workout, while still remaining consistent in its operation for the next user and hundreds more down the line. Moreover, it’ll remain staunchly in place while you’re rowing vigorously, grounding your workout and stabilizing your efforts.

Featuring 2 wheels on the front, this rower can be tipped up and moved for easier storage and machine placement. This cuts down on unnecessary wear and tear that can accidentally occur when the unit is a fixture in multipurpose spaces.

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