Landice® L9 Club Treadmills

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Landice's top club-quality model handles users up to 500 lb and features our largest running surface.

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A smooth, cushioned running surface and incredibly durable frame design make this top-tier treadmill a leading choice for commercial use with serious users. Landice® L9 Treadmills give you access to all of the features, data, and programming required to meet and exceed your running goals, whether for personal betterment or competition training!

Ideal for Runners

Softer than asphalt or concrete, and smoother than a trail, your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and other joints will appreciate the foresight to cushioning that went into the design of the belt of this treadmill. Users can run straight and true, without worrying about having to react to the imperfections of outdoor running areas. It features the largest running surface of any option we offer, to accommodate every stride or pace without sacrificing comfort and stability.

Whether you’re light on your feet or have heavier strides with more purposeful planting, the Landice® L9 Pro Sports Trainer delivers consistency and performance you can rely on. Trust aircraft-quality aluminum to keep the frame sturdy and unwavering while you run, knowing that its construction secures with aircraft locking hardware as well. It’s ideal for serious runners who may be training for competitive running or working towards specific, strenuous fitness goals.

Two Levels of Training

For basic commercial use where consistent performance is required over the long-term, the Landice® Pro Trainer option is perfect. It comes with all of the durability demanded by a high-traffic setting, yet offers fewer programs for a more basic system setup, making it more manageable for the everyday user.

The Pro Sports Trainer is a step up in the number of programs it offers, for more serious users. A larger display console shows more critical data and offers heart rate monitoring, giving users more quantifiable data to incorporate into more rigorous training sessions.


  • Large 3-1/2" commercial grade rollers offer a greater surface area and require less tension, which increases the longevity of the bearings and belts, while further improving how smoothly it operates.
  • State-of-the-art, high-inertia, custom cast-iron flywheel protects the motor and electronics from stress associated with treadmill use.
  • Landice® exclusive softer-than-grass VFX floating deck system features multiple shock-absorbing elements, which self-tune to a user’s stride to provide optimal performance and 5x the amount of absorption of grass.
  • Commercial-grade, cushioned, four-ply tread belt provides additional protection to the joints and knees.
  • 4 HP continuous-duty drive motor prevents overheating, while making it possible to workout at speeds ranging from 0.5-12 mph.
  • A 0-15% incline adds variety to exercise, while helping to simulate outdoor conditions. Exercising on an incline gives a great advantage over traditional treadmill walking or running: It recruits different muscle groups and significantly increases metabolic rate.
  • Pro model features LED display. Display shows time, speed, distance, calories, pace, and elevation for clear feedback on training session.

Landice® L9 Club Treadmill Options

Landice® L9 Club Treadmills are available in 2 models. Truck delivery on both models.

  • Pro Trainer
  • Pro Sports Trainer
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