Schwinn® Airdyne® AD Pro

The newest Airdyne® is built to withstand the most intense workouts.


Quiet yet capable, the Schwinn® Airdyne® Pro exercise bike is designed for extreme durability and outstanding performance. Users are able to customize the positioning of the seat and handles to get the most comfortable workout possible. Nine interval and target goal programs are included in the bike’s programming to give you the intense workout you need.

Quality Cardio Conditioning

Primarily used for cardio and strength conditioning, this bike allows the user to truly isolate different body parts for more focused workouts. To isolate the upper body, use only the handles. To isolate the lower body, use only the pedals. You can also train the entire body by applying force in all areas.

The more effort you put into the workout, the more resistance the bike gives. Ultimately, you are in charge of your workout and its intensity level. This is made possible by a progressive wind resistance technology, which allows for such variance. Whether you are a beginner, an athlete recovering from an injury, or someone looking to achieve your peak cardio performance, this bike can handle what you give to it!

High-Quality Design

Featuring a double-coated steel body and moisture-repellent frame, this bike has been designed to last for years. A custom-designed 26-blade fan enables users to burn more calories on the pro bike compared to the leading competitor’s bike at the same RPM. The bike’s console features a tachometer, which visually signals how hard the user is exercising. This can serve as a motivational tool to help you reach the next level.

The bike’s design also provides greater comfort and versatility. Front wheels on the frame allow you to easily tip the bike up and roll it to your desired location. An oversized seat cushion features biomechanically correct positioning for proper knee placement, with a universal rail and clamp system that lets you swap in your own seat if you prefer. Finally, multi-grip handle bars add an additional level of comfort and feature anti-slip padding.

Built-In Programs

A number of built-in HIIT programs are included to help you achieve cardio excellence. Examples include Tabata (20 second work/10 second rest) or 30/90 tab programs, as well as time, calories, miles, or kilometer programs. Truck delivery.

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