Schwinn® Indoor Cycling Packs

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The best indoor bike packs with club-quality equipment to get your class spinning, and fast!

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Benefit from top-of-the-line quality with these Schwinn® indoor cycling bikes! Equip a 12- or 24-person class with everything they need to get a great stationary bike workout, with either of 2 outstanding pack selections.

All-In-One Solution

Each pack provides an entire group of 12 or 24 students with everything needed to get going on a cycling workout! These pre-formed packs contain all of the equipment you need to get started. You even have access to instructional DVDs, taking the preparation time out of lesson planning!

Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling focuses on organized activity with a group fitness format focused on endurance, strength, interval and high-intensity training. The support of classmates in these settings highly motives people! Your whole class will work together in a non-intimidating, low-impact activity that includes everybody.

Amazing Accessories

Aside from the bikes, each pack also includes bike mats, buckets, utility towels and an instructional DVD. Deluxe packs add Echelon consoles, heart rate monitors, sound towers, a PA system, and an A/C cart with accessories.

Schwinn® Indoor Cycling Pack Options

Schwinn® Indoor Cycling Packs are available in the following options:

  • Basic Packs. Include Schwinn® IC Pro20™ bikes, mats, buckets, utility towels, and an instructional DVD.
    • 12-Pack
    • 24-Pack
  • Deluxe Packs. Include Schwinn® AC™ Sport bikes, MPower™ Echelon Consoles, strapless Gopher Optic™ Heart Rate Monitors, sound towers, PA system, an A/C car with accessories, plus all accessories in the basic packs (mats, buckets, utility towels, and DVD).
    • 12-Pack
    • 24-Pack

Truck delivery on all cycling packs.

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