SportsArt® C510 Indoor Cycling Bike

Indoor cycling bike featuring an all-steel frame with a smooth, quiet Poly-V belt!


Combine durability and performance with this indoor spin bike! A durable frame provides institutional strength, with a silent Poly-V belt that offers a smooth motion and quiet performance. The drive belt is fully enclosed and protected from dust and debris, ensuring the system’s longevity. Meanwhile, a cushioned seat provides the right mixture of comfort and performance. 

Successful Cycling

An excellent organized activity for school and fitness classes, indoor cycling focuses on endurance, strength, and interval and high-intensity training. This is the only bike we carry from SportsArt®, and the best option for people looking for a Schwinn® alternative.

Convenient and Comfortable

Wheels on the front of the frame allow you to easily pick up and move this bike to your desired location. A harnessed foot pedal keeps your foot in place, ensuring it will not slip off during use. Truck delivery.

Why should I incorporate indoor cycling into my class?
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