StairMaster® SM3 StepMill


Climb your way to new heights in strength and cardio levels with a compact stepper.

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Step at a pace and intensity that’s right for you on the highly customizable StairMaster® StepMill. Easily utilized by anyone, with safety features and settings designed to support your fitness goals, this stepper provides results!

Easily Customizable

An electronically-controlled magnetic brake precisely controls the pedal descent of the revolving stairs, opening a range of precise difficulty levels and settings for any stepper. Lower speeds and incline require more purposeful steps that engage muscles longer between strides, while shorter steps at a higher incline accommodate burst training workouts for fast-twitch muscle training.

Great Accessibility

Resembling a short set of escalator stairs, the anyone can master the non-intimidating StairMaster® StepMill 3. As you begin your ascent up the stairs, they move and revolve below you to create a never-ending cycle that makes exercising as easy as walking! With each step your heart rate is elevated, strengthening muscles and building endurance.

Easily set up this stepper by tipping it on the front wheels and pushing it to the desired workout location. Once in place, it needs at least 8’ of ceiling clearance. Users can step their way to a more active lifestyle wherever is most comfortable for them, without worrying about bumping their head!

For younger and older users, or those using the StairMaster® StepMill for rehabilitation exercises, foam-padded side handlebars offer a degree of comfort and stability with each step.

Feature-Rich Display

A brightly-lit, easily understood LED screen displays all of the essential data you need to know when you’re climbing stairs. Once the workout is started the screen will display Time, Watts, Calories, Heart Rate, Levels, Floors Per Min, Segment Time, Total Floors Climbed, and a Workout Profile that shows users their progress. For users with specific cardio goals, this is a great way to keep pushing and ensure you’re meeting your expectations!

Truck delivery on all steppers.