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StairMaster HIITMill

StairMaster HIITMill

XT5 Youth Treadmill
Kids Elementary Complete Circuit
Kids Jr Complete Circuit

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Encourage movement in limited spaces with your purchase of treadmills from Gopher Sport!

From beginner to advanced, you’ll find the options that work best for your class in our variety of treadmills.

Which Treadmill is Right for Me?

The most important factor to understand is expected usage of the treadmill. Each one of our treadmills is built for commercial or institutional use. A treadmill used more than it is rated for may not perform properly and may break down or fail prematurely. The more use a treadmill gets, the more effort required of the motor, and the more wear on the frame, belt, and rollers.


  • For continuous use
  • Hourly Rating: 24 hours daily
  • Motor: Up to 5 hp continuous-duty motors can run cooler and last longer, even when used 24 hours a day
  • Running Surface & Belt: The widest running decks enhance comfort; four-ply belts offer maximum durability
  • Frame: All-welded construction for maximum durability
  • User Weight Capacity: 400- 600 lb


  • For moderate use
  • Hourly Rating: 4-8 hours of totally use daily (Match hourly use rating to actual usage)
  • Motor: 3-4 hp continuous-duty motors deliver excellent performance, durability, and belt speed for up to 8 hours use per day
  • Running Surface & Belt: High-grade deck cushioning systems greatly reduce joint stress, rugged four-ply belts ensure long-life
  • Frame: Strong, all-welded construction provides excellent durability
  • User Weight Capacity: 300- 400 lb

Find the best treadmill for your class and team from Gopher!

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