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UltraFit™ CircuitPro™ High Intensity Training (HIT) Circuit Pack


Create an incredible, vigorous workout with cutting-edge fitness equipment!

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Introduce your students to fitness interval training in a way that’s easy for them to understand, yet challenging enough for them to feel results! Each exercise within this circuit pack works multiple muscles and entire muscle groups, to provide more efficient, effective results. This is our best pack for a full body workout!

An Efficient Workout

By encouraging students to use their whole bodies and pushing them to quickly switch between being active and resting, fitness interval training is able to provide a more efficient and effective workout. This pack is based around 30-second intervals of training and resting, which is an optimal ratio for maintaining a target heart rate and giving your muscles the best workout possible. This is a strong departure from traditional training, which emphasizes consistency, yet doesn’t always allow for the best workout results.

In conjunction with quick intervals, the exercises promoted within this pack work entire muscle groups—not just single muscles. And, because entire groups of muscles are being worked out quickly, they’re better able to build strength, as opposed to just endurance from being worked to fatigue. For example, the medicine ball slam activity works muscles in the shoulders, back, core, and legs, all in a single rep.

Simple Instruction

HIIT fitness is easy for students to understand, given the right instruction. This pack aims to deliver an easy-to-understand introduction and workout, to get students in the right mindset for intense training. The pack is also set up to be conducive to the on/off nature of HIIT training, allowing students time to consider the next exercise ahead, while also recovering during the resting period.

  • Included training boards show and explain movements for each piece of equipment at the station. Teacher cards further explain the movements and show how to efficiently set up the class for best results.

UltraFit™ CircuitPro™ High Intensity Training (HIT) Circuit Pack Options

UltraFit™ CircuitPro™ High Intensity Training (HIT) Circuit Pack is available in a complete pack. Circuit boards/cards also sold separately.

  • Complete Pack

30'L Warrior™ Apprentice™ Ropes, Set of 4

StrongHold™ Anchor Station, 1 ea

UltraFit™ Tremor™ Slam Balls, 4 ea

Alpha™ Armor™ Kettlebells, 4 ea

UltraFit™ Workout Mats, 2 ea

Soft Cable Speed Ropes, 2 ea

SmartHolder™ Cones, Set of 12

Gopher Ignition™ Interval Timer, 1 ea

Double-sided Station Boards and Teacher Overview Cards, Set of 8

  • HIT Circuit Boards/Cards Only, Set of 8