HotSpots™ Exercise Spots

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Keep your whole class moving, learning, and building strength with these action-packed circuits.

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A great addition to fitness rooms or curricula that already utilize different types of fitness equipment, PE fitness stations for kids are the ideal way to teach students proper equipment use and exercise form. They’re easy to lay down, safe when in place, and extremely durable against institutional wear and tear.

Simple Instruction

With clear, easy-to-understand visuals on each spot, kinesthetic learning comes alive in your fitness classes. Students will be able to clearly identify the equipment being used, the proper way to use that equipment, and the best form to take when performing an exercise. With this solid fundamental instruction, they’ll quickly build good habits when it comes to working out.

Because instructions and visuals are so clearly indicated and understood, these stations can function as self-directed activities. In this way students will be able to learn and execute at their own pace, leaving teachers to freely roam the class and help individual students where needed.

Durable Construction

Made from heavy thermoplastic, setting up these fitness stations for kids is as easy as tossing them onto the ground near the equipment portrayed by each circuit! The spot won’t move or slip thanks to a gripped texture on the bottom, and the material itself is tear and scuff resistant to keep the spot looking brand new.

These 8-1/2” dia spots are also tough enough to stand up to frequent handling as they’re moved from storage to the floor and back. And, because they’re so compact, storage and transportation are made easy.

Hot Spot™ Exercise Spot Options

Hot Spot™ Exercise Spots are available in a complete set or individual sets.

  • Complete Set. Includes all 8 Individual Sets.
  • Individual Sets
    • Partner Exercise
    • Resistance Tubing
    • Stability Ball
    • Medicine Ball
    • Core Training
    • Muscle Groups Set
    • Cardio Training
    • Yoga