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UltraFit Kettlebell Circuit Pack


Everything you need for a comprehensive kettlebell circuit that includes the whole class!

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Help your students learn the fundamentals of kettlebell workouts as they move from station to station in a class-wide kettlebell circuit. Station boards offer visual and contextual instruction to help students move properly through 16 kettlebell exercises for a great total-body workout!

Great Introduction to Kettlebells

This ready-made pack includes all of the equipment teachers need to start kettlebell training right out of the box. Students select an 4 kg or 6 kg kettlebell from the convenient three-tier storage rack and turn to the 18" x 18" Station Boards to begin training. Each board features a unique kettlebell exercise, displaying instructions for the movement as well as large, clear photos of start and stop positions. Accompanying Teacher Overview Cards offer extra instruction for setup and implementation. Allow students to complete all 16 stations, or let them work for an allotted amount of time using the included interval timer. When students are done, kettlebells are easily wiped down and replaced on the ladder-style storage rack.

Station Boards offer a self-directed environment, allowing teachers to focus on individual students instead of explaining the basics to the entire class. Exercises work well together, allowing students to take what they learn to achieve success at later stations. Premium equipment is extremely durable and lasts for years in institutional settings.

Pack includes: