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UltraFit™ Pro Trainer Packs

Starting at $3,699.00

Loaded with top-quality fitness equipment, these packs contain everything you need to meet your small-group training goals.

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Designed for small groups of students and focused training sessions, you’ll find everything you need for a meaningful workout in these packs, without all of the extras that can drive up the cost. One of our best fitness packages, equipment in these packs consist of the essentials—meaning you pay only for what you need and what your students are going to get the most value out of during their workout. Two packs offer basic and upgraded equipment, based on your budget.

Great for Small Groups

These fitness packages offer just the essentials when it comes to fitness equipment, trimming out the extras to provide a more refined training opportunity for smaller groups. Instead of focusing on finding activities for the entire class, this pack offers teachers the ability to pick specific workouts or target special areas of focus and better assist smaller groups of students in learning the fundamentals. Fewer students and a targeted curriculum results in better physical education and a more purposeful approach to fitness.

Amazing Options

UltraFit™ Pro Trainer Packs come in Basic and Deluxe options, to help meet your budgetary goals without compromising when it comes to your students’ fitness education. Both packs include the core equipment required to properly focus on fitness; what separates them is the standard of the equipment within. Basic Packs feature our baseline equipment, which is more than ready to stand up to institutional use and routine handling. Deluxe Packs work best in more commercial settings or for programs where extreme use is common, such as for recreational centers or community facilities.


  • Diverse pack eliminates the frustration of trying to determine what equipment is needed for a new program or facility. It contains all of the premium equipment you’ll need to get set up and started with fitness quickly.
  • Various types of equipment make it easy to train large groups of students in varying focuses. Use kettlebells for goblet squats, fitness bars for bent over rows, stability balls for crunches, dumbbells for bicep curls, medicine balls for twists, and resistance tubing for lateral raises, to name a few examples!
  • High-quality equipment will last through many classes and workouts, year after year in institutional settings.
  • Included training charts show and explain movements and equipment usage in a way that’s easy for students to understand and emulate. This helps them get started training with a steady foundation.
  • Each piece of equipment comes with a storage rack designed specifically for that set, to help keep everything organized and safe.
  • This pack was designed around the demands of PE classes and all included equipment is safe for gym floors.
  • Pack is configured to be smaller than other packs, to only include equipment essentials. This keeps the value of the pack high and its price point low for budget-conscious PE programs.

UltraFit™ Pro Trainer Pack Options

UltraFit™ Pro Trainer Packs are available in 2 packs.

UltraFit™ Pro Trainer Basic Pack

UltraFit™ Pro Trainer Deluxe Pack