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Warrior™ Apprentice™ 1" Dia Ropes

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Thinner ropes are perfect for younger students and beginners!

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Provide your students with an easier introduction to rope training and watch as they make waves with these 1” dia ropes. Battle ropes for beginners help students learn the fundamentals of rope manipulation and allow them to experiment with good form and technique before progressing to more challenging training.

Great for Beginners

Designed with young students and beginners in mind, battle ropes for beginners offer a thoroughly non-intimidating foray into the world of rope training. 1” dia ropes are the smallest options we offer, making them easier to grip and manipulate by younger hands. Better grip equates to easier handling and more confidence as students learn the basics of creating waves!

Also gentler on younger students is the polypropylene rope material, which is softer to the touch than manila or nylon options. This material, coupled with the smaller overall diameter, pushes the concept of proper technique and allows students to focus on form over power. As they become acclimated with the fundamentals, they can transition from 30’L ropes to more advanced 50’L options in the same material, slowly building up to thicker ropes and weightier materials.


  • Used for conditioning rope exercises. Low impact workouts build grip, shoulder, and core strength, while also boosting cardio levels.
  • Polypropylene ropes outlast traditional manila and nylon ropes that might shed or fray quickly. It’s also much softer on your hands and easier on your wrists.
  • Poly boot ends offer users a better grip and prevent the rope from fraying at the ends.
  • Once anchored, it’s easy to start making waves with your training! A basic wave is made with each side of the rope by holding both ends and swinging arms up and down opposite each other. Waves will begin to form, developing strength and stability by continuing to move arms to create more waves. As you advance, waves become slams, whips, spirals, and throws.
  • Ropes are offered individually or in Sets with a rope anchor and wall holder. Two lengths are available: 30’L is better for younger or beginner students, as it requires less energy to make waves; 50’L is ideal for higher fitness levels, as there is more slack in the rope that makes it harder to create waves and keep them moving.

Warrior™ Apprentice™ 1" Dia Rope Options

Warrior™ Apprentice™ 1" Dia Ropes are available individually or in sets, in 2 sizes.

Individual Ropes

  • 30’L, 8 lb
  • 50’L, 13 lb

Rope Sets. Include 1 rope, wall anchor, and rope holder.

  • 30’L
  • 50’L
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