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Warrior™ Elite Conditioning Ropes

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Sheathed in protective nylon, these are the toughest, longest-lasting conditioning ropes on the market!

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We took our standard fitness battle rope and made it even better! Sheathed in nylon, they’ll stand up to constant abuse, including repeated impact with the ground over time! This staple is great for teaching the basics of rope conditioning, as well as intermediate techniques.

Our Most Durable Rope

Our most durable option when it comes to fitness battle ropes, students can rely on a 1-1/2” dia rope with nylon sheathing construction to deliver reliability and consistency during rope conditioning exercises. Nylon won’t fray or break down like manila ropes, which means students are free to perform slams, waves, and a variety of other motions without worrying about the condition of the rope they’re holding. It’s worlds durable over non-sheathed options and lesser materials.

In addition to nylon sheathing, poly boot ends keep ropes from coming apart at the ends, and offer students an ergonomic grip that they can feel confident with.


  • Used for conditioning rope exercises. Low impact workouts build grip, shoulder, and core strength, while also boosting cardio levels.
  • Once anchored, it’s easy to start making waves with your training! A basic wave is made with each side of the rope by holding both ends and swinging arms up and down opposite each other. Waves will begin to form and strength and stability are developed by continuing to move arms to create more waves. As you advance, waves become slams, whips, spirals, and throws.
  • 1-1/2” dia standard grip offers a more accommodating grip for most users and a moderate weight for more mature users who have some strength developed prior to starting rope conditioning.
  • Poly boot ends offer users a better grip and prevent the rope from fraying at the ends.
  • Ropes are offered individually or in Sets with a rope anchor and wall holder. Two lengths are available: 30’L is better for younger or beginner students, as it requires less energy to make waves; 50’L is ideal for higher fitness levels, as there is more slack in the rope that makes it harder to create waves and keep them moving.

Warrior™ Elite Conditioning Rope Options

Warrior™ Elite Conditioning Ropes are available in sets, in 2 sizes.

  • Warrior™ Elite Conditioning Rope Options. Include 1 rope, heavy-duty wall anchor, and rope holder.
    • 30’L/21 lb
    • 50’L/32 lb
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