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Warrior™ HQ™ Anchor Station Packs

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No more threading ropes with the most convenient, mobile rope-training headquarters!

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Minimize time spent setting up and maximize training time with this battle rope anchor! Its cast-iron frame is our most durable rope anchor option, and its rapid setup and transport capabilities make it a convenient option for facilities that don’t have a dedicated space for fitness rope training.

Easy Transport and Setup

Equipped with 5” casters for quick transportation to the activity area, you’ll have no trouble transporting this 165 lb battle rope anchor. When you’ve wheeled it out to the activity area, simply set it down on its back to remove the wheels from the ground. This creates an anchored surface that will stay put until you tip it back onto the wheels again!

Unlike other systems that need to be anchored to a wall or weight rack, this patented system has a standalone setup. Just lay it on the floor and hook up ropes to get class started without delay. Molded hooks for ropes allow them to be attached by simply looping them over the hook. Other anchors require you to feed the rope through, walk it out, and find the middle of the rope in order to start training.

Incredibly Durable and Sturdy

Where other models might require additional weight be added to steady the base, this solid, cast-iron anchor is heavy enough all on its own. Its dense, compact 165 lb frame supports up to 10 students at a time without faltering! Its superior construction also makes it durable against constant transportation and the abuse that can come with institutional use.


  • Portable anchor stations can be set up on any flat surface. There’s no need to be limited to a wall, squat rack, or lifting rig to anchor ropes!
  • Protective rubber base helps keep the unit in place on gym floors and protects the flooring from any metal contact, preventing scratches on the floor’s finish.

Warrior™ HQ™ Anchor Station Pack Options

Warrior™ HQ™ Anchor Station Packs are available in packs with ropes in 2 lengths, with 3 rope diameters. HQ™ Anchor Stations also sold separately.

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