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Warrior™ Talon™ Conditioning Ropes

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Premium handles on these conditioning ropes offer an incredible, eagle-like grip that will not slip!

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A great grip means more power as students make waves with their ropes, and the grip these ropes offer is second to none! Ergonomic, reinforced handles afford students the opportunity to focus on power, instead of worrying about maintaining their hold on ropes.

Superior Grip Design

Battle rope conditioning depends on grip strength. These ropes offer our best grip, reinforced with premium, ergonomic, knurled aluminum handles. The texture of the aluminum provides a safe grip that’s not affected by sweat or exertion, allowing students to work out to their best ability for longer periods of time. With a better, more reliable grip, students will have an easier time mastering the basics, as well as more advanced moves such as slams.


  • Used for conditioning rope exercises. Low impact workouts build grip, shoulder, and core strength, while also boosting cardio levels.
  • Polypropylene ropes outlast traditional manila and nylon ropes that might shed or fray quickly. It’s also much softer on your hands and easier on your wrists.
  • Once anchored, it’s easy to start making waves with your training! A basic wave is made with each side of the rope by holding both ends and swinging arms up and down opposite each other. Waves will begin to form while developing strength and stability by continuing to move arms to create more waves. As you advance, waves become slams, whips, spirals, and throws.
  • 2” dia oversized grip gives you the toughest workout, to increase strength and promote gains in the forearms and wrists.
  • 1-1/2” dia rope offers moderate weight for more mature users who have some strength developed prior to starting rope conditioning.
  • Ropes are offered individually or in Sets with a rope anchor and wall holder. Two lengths are available: 30’L is better for younger or beginner students, as it requires less energy to make waves; 50’L is ideal for higher fitness levels, as there is more slack in the rope that makes it harder to create waves and keep them moving.

Warrior™ Talon™ Conditioning Rope Options

Warrior™ Talon™ Conditioning Ropes are available in sets, in 2 sizes.

  • 30’L, 17 lb
  • 50’L, 28 lb
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