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Purchase dumbbell sets from Gopher Sport and strengthen trainees of all skill levels!

Personal trainers and coaches push trainees and students to achieve fitness goals through weight training, with many workouts utilizing a dumbbell weight set. Gopher includes a variety of dumbbells for sale, for beginners gaining the fundamentals in strength training all the way up to the more seasoned gym rat.

Gopher dumbbells come in many sizes and weights tailored for every kind of lifter, from 2.5 lb all the way up to 100 lb weights. An assortment of constructions maximize muscle-building, like cast-iron sets, while unique textures enhance grip, including rubber- and vinyl-coated weights. Gopher offers training charts for proper lifting technique in addition to racks for optimal dumbbell storage.

Target different muscle groups in students with confidence. Shop for Gopher dumbbell sets and help trainees curl their way to maximum potential.

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