Dumbbell Racks

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A complete selection of our convenient compact dumbbell racks.

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A simple, durable dumbbell storage rack is all you need to organize and store weights to keep areas safe and clear. Mobile and stationary rack designs fit the demands of your activity space, and remain strong and supportive of entire dumbbell sets.

Keep Equipment Organized

Dumbbell racking systems offer organization for your entire set of dumbbells, no matter what degrees of weight you’re working with. Racks enable weights to be stored up off the floor, on a shelf or frame where they have a specific place, instead of on the floor where they might be tripped over. This organization allows students to quickly identify the weight they’re looking for and encourages proper cleanup after they’re done lifting.

Amazing Racking Options

Our most heavy-duty, reliable racks come in two distinct options: a stationary rack and a mobile rack.

We designed out Compact Rack to be a mobile, small dumbbell rack that fits smaller aerobic dumbbells. A sturdy, plastic lip protects dumbbells from metal-on-metal contact. Locking casters ensure the rack will stay put.

Our larger, mobile Heavy-Duty Rack holds bigger, heavier dumbbells. 3-tier dumbbell rack features a plastic lip to protect dumbbells from metal-on-metal contact and locking casters for security.

The UltraFit™ Mobile Rack offers the largest capacity for aerobic dumbbells by a mobile storage solution. This system features non-marking casters that are safe on all floors, allowing the rack to roll smoothly from location to location, even when fully loaded with dumbbells. Wheels lock in place for safety when not in motion and a narrow frame is great for maneuvering into and out of compact spaces, such as storage closets or smaller fitness rooms.

The strongest dumbbell racks we offer, UltraFit™ 3-Tier Stationary Racks accommodate larger dumbbells of any shape or size thanks to a lipped shelving design. A front lip prevents dumbbells from sliding off while being stored and textured rubber liner on shelves protects the frame from metal-on-metal contact.

Dumbbell Rack Options

Dumbbell Racks are available in 4 rack designs.

  • Compact Rack, 41-1/2”L x 18”W x 29”H, 48 lb
  • Heavy-Duty Rack, 59”L x 20”W x 40”H, 90 lb.
  • UltraFit™ Mobile Rack, 38"L x 25"W x 47"H, 94 lb
  • UltraFit™ 3-Tier Stationary Rack, 61"L x 33"W x 45"H, 240 lb
Why incorporate dumbbell training into my fitness program?