Troy® 12-Sided Cast-Iron Dumbbell Sets

Dumbbells that combine no-roll design with the added control of flat ends!


Our strongest cast-iron hex dumbbells are an incredible option for strength training, providing a safe and reliable way to build muscle. No-roll heads have 12 sides for stability and flat ends for better balance and range of motion during reps. Molded-in numbers make identifying the correct weight easy.

Extreme Durability

Perfect for heavy institutional or commercial use, cast-iron dumbbells withstand an immense amount of wear and tear! A baked-on enamel coating and durable resin-based paint leave them looking sleek and professional, while also ensuring that the iron construction is protected against any detractors such as sweat. They’ll resist chipping, denting, and abrasions to last you a lifetime. The 12-sided hex heads of each weight in this cast-iron dumbbells set is designed to stay put exactly where you set it down, preventing rolling that might cause injury or damage.

Great Organization

Each cast-iron dumbbell set comes with a racking system that ensures complete organization of every weight by providing dedicated saddle spots. Students will find pairs of dumbbells in ascending weights lined up in order, making it easy to select the right weight for each activity, replacing them when they’re done. Each rack holds up to 10 pairs of dumbbells with a 2,100 lb capacity.

The weight indicators on each dumbbell are molded in to ensure they’re easily visible and never in danger of being rubbed off. This also makes it easy to identify individual dumbbells that might be purchased in addition to sets, which might not have a place on the rack.


  • Used for strength training to add resistance to movements such as squats, shoulder presses, bicep curls, and anything else, for the fastest, most effective way to stay fit.
  • Used as an extension of the arm and hand, dumbbells are the safest free weights for developing total body strength. The concentration of weight around the handle ensures a high level of control and security for heavier weights.

Troy® 12-Sided Cast-Iron Dumbbell Set Options

Troy® 12-Sided Cast-Iron Dumbbell Sets are available in sets with racks or individually. Racks also sold separately. Truck delivery on sets and rack.

  • 10-Pair Set. Includes 1 pair of all weights (5-50 lb) and one 2-Tier Saddle Rack.
  • 20-Pair Set. Includes 1 pair of all weights (5-100 lb) and two 2-Tier Saddle Rack.
  • Individual Dumbbells
    • 5 lb
    • 10 lb
    • 15 lb
    • 20 lb
    • 25 lb
    • 30 lb
    • 35 lb
    • 40 lb
    • 45 lb
    • 50 lb
  • Dumbbell Rack 
Why incorporate dumbbell training into my fitness program?


2-Tier Saddle Rack

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  • Unit: Ea
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  • Price: $699.00

2-Tier Saddle Rack

  • Item No: 69-757
  • Unit: Ea
  • Direct Ship
  • Price: $699.00


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