UltraFit™ Dumbbell Training Charts

High-quality, laminated charts detail dumbbell exercises for upper and lower body.


Each dumbbell workout chart provides students with the instructional tools they need to start lifting weights independently, making them more comfortable with strength training. Clear, fully-illustrated exercises show proper form and offer tips to help maximize student workouts. Display them in your gym, classroom, or other exercise area for maximum effectiveness!

Self-Starting Exercises

With a full range of exercise options readily available right in front of them on these posters, students can substitute class-led exercises with a self-paced lifting regimen. As they get started at a pace that’s comfortable to them, students will develop confidence in their ability to perform each dumbbell lift correctly and completely. This promotes an affinity for future strength training exercises and an overall better outlook on exercise in general.

Having self-starting workout resources around your fitness area also helps to keep students on track and prevent wasted down time. Maximize class times with minimal instruction required—students can look at a dumbbell exercise chart and know what they’re supposed to be doing!

Clear, Concise Instruction

Everything students need to get familiar with and master dumbbell exercises is right here on these posters! Clearly-illustrated pictures show the before and after movements of each lift, while detailed instructions below them offer a succinct explanation of how the move is to be performed. Each exercise features a name to help students develop an association.

With Lower Body and Upper Body charts available, 27 total exercises using dumbbells can be learned. This includes core workouts such as the bicep curl, sumo squat, lateral raises, single arm rows, and more. In moving through the full list of exercises, students will get an entire, total body workout!

Great Durability

Each poster in this 3-pack is laminated for longevity. Tack, tape, or hang your posters up in gyms, classrooms, or fitness facilities to make them easily visible to all onlookers. Their protective coating will keep them looking great far into the future and prevent them from ripping, curling, or tearing with time. The also arrive rolled up, to ensure there are no creases or folders over the pictures that might make them hard to read or interpret.

Why incorporate dumbbell training into my fitness program?
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