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The only game system for school where YOU are the controller!

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The Xbox Kinect Bundle turns any fitness activity into a game to give students all of the excitement of playing video games, with all of the benefits of staying active. Without the need for controllers, this system is a complete solution to exertainment for PE classes and after school activities, or even as a reward for incentive programs. Equipped with games for all ages and exciting for all skill levels, this game system for school helps keep students of any age actively engaged in total-body wellness!

Make Exercise Exciting!

Without the need for a controller—which can easily become lost or damaged—students act as the controller themselves, moving their bodies to create on-screen actions. Whether they’re jumping to collect items on the screen, bending and twisting to keep up with commands, or running in place to power their virtual characters, students will quickly forget they’re actually exercising as they lose themselves in the fun of the game!

Kinect games are designed to utilize a student’s entire range of motion and work in an exciting array of stationary movements to keep them focused on the game as they exercise and build total-body wellness. Best of all, virtual games help to teach students the rules, objectives, and etiquette of different sports and activities, giving them a foundation of proficiency when it comes to real-world play. This improves confidence and encourages them to participate.

Complete Capabilities

This Xbox Kinect Bundle comes with absolutely everything you need to get the entire class up and moving. The Kinect recognizes students’ movements and voices, eliminating the need for controllers. The corresponding Xbox One comes with 250GB of memory built in, allowing students to save games and instructors to download game expansions or additional activity software packages. Kinect Deluxe Systems also come with a 55” 4K LED TV and a cart with locking cabinet.

Along with the exceptional capabilities of the Kinect sensor, the Xbox One unit itself lends to the exertainment experience. Because it’s Wi-Fi enabled, the system can connect to streaming video or the Internet via apps, creating another level of functionality. Teachers can stream exercise videos from YouTube instantly or bring up information on-screen to review with the full class. The system comes with a free Xbox Live membership, giving teachers widespread access to numerous apps and functions to keep kids engaged and entertained.

Great for all Ages

This innovative game system for school is offered in 2 packages—Elementary/Middle school and Junior High/High School—to ensure activities are tailored to the appropriate age group. Each pack comes with 9 game titles which, depending on the package, expose students to entertainment appropriate for their age group and exercise intensities befitting of their bodies. Both packs also include a variety of all-ages games, including things like virtual bean bag toss, skee ball, and hoop shooting.

Microsoft® Kinect Game System Options

Microsoft® Kinect Game Systems are available in Basic and Deluxe packages, with 2 age options. Individual Xbox One consoles, Kinect sensors, and game software are sold separately.

Kinect Basic Systems. Includes Xbox One Game Console, Kinect with game software, and 9 additional games.

  • Elementary/Middle School
  • Junior High/High School

Kinect Deluxe Systems. Includes Basic System plus a 55” 4K LED TV and cart with mount and locking cabinet.

  • Elementary/Middle School
  • Junior High/High School

Xbox One Console/Kinect

  • Xbox One Console and Kinect with Game Software
  • Kinect with Game Software
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